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by Becky Dente - 1 year ago

Unforeseen Blessing in Confinement

As a free-spirited extrovert, I fill my cup by being around people. The thought of being locked in my house by governmental mandate goes against every natural grain in my body and soul. That being said, I do believe that God has a plan and a purpose for every season of life and that it is wise to pay extra attention to the difficult ones. When my husband and I saw confinement speeding around the corner, w...

by Becky Dente - 2 years ago

Allow Yourself to Heal

Have you ever been broken, in body or in soul, and prayed earnestly for healing and not received the answer you hoped for? This past year could have been named “the year of the scalpel” because God removed so much from my life that just needed to be removed for my own good. Halfway through the year, I was absolutely worn out from trying too hard with certain relationships and to manage my health, but to no avail. ...