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by Brenton Collyer - 1 month ago

How Do You Measure The Success Of A Worship Service?

I walked to my car disappointed. I found myself wishing our church family was more engaged. More hands in the air. More passionate singing. More of an obvious, visible work of the Lord. Our Measure of Success My experience after a recent Sunday morning is something worship leaders everywhere struggle with. We've all enjoyed those worship services. You know the ones. A reckless abandon i...

by Brenton Collyer - 2 months ago

Marty Sampson And The Frailty Of False Faith

Marty was my favorite. I came up as a worship leader in the days of Hillsong United's early albums. Joel, JD, Jad, Marty and Matt were like The Avengers for worship leaders. Everyone had their favorite, and Marty Sampson was mine. After flying under the radar for years, Marty shared an explosive Instagram update: "I'm genuinely losing my faith, and it doesn't bother me" ...

by Brenton Collyer - 9 months ago

The Role of a Worship Leader

A lump was forming in my throat. My eyes were wide. I had thought about this moment so many times. Was it really here? I was subtly aware there was more to leading worship than hitting the right notes, singing the right words and not making an absolute fool of myself. I was subtly aware that there was something more. A bigger reason. Another purpose for why I was on that stage. I was subtly aware, but ...