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Year-End Review 2019!

Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement in 2019. Here is a year-end review of CGN/ happenings! May the Lord bless this 2020 with His grace and guidance for us all. Blessings, The Calvary Global Network/ Team Content Highlights! Here are our top pieces of content for 2019: ...

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Missions 2020 Archives

Start Watching Missions 2020 Archives Note: We are still working to upload all Main Sessions and Workshops from the Auditorium.

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CGN Senior Pastors Wives Retreat 2020

Dear Senior Pastors' Wives, We want to invite you to come away and be refreshed! With all of the demands on our time and resources, we need to make time to wait on the Lord and allow Him to fill us up so we can continue to be poured out. With this in mind, we have intentionally set aside time for a Senior Pastors' Wives Retreat at the Twin Peaks Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountain...

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Missions Conference 2020: The Church That God Plants

Why plant churches? This question will be addressed at the Calvary Chapel Global Missions 2020 Conference and will go in depth about what church planting is, why its worth it for the Church to invest in missions and more! As a movement that has been missions-minded from the beginning, Calvary Chapel is excited to have you come and see how the Lord will speak and move! The conference hosts many missionarie...

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The Link: Outgrowing God, Human Values, Priestly Blessing & More

"Richard Dawkins’s Latest Case for Outgrowing God"– The Gospel Coalition"'I finally gave up on God when I was 15,' Richard Dawkins writes in his latest book, Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide. He hopes to midwife kids of a similar age through a similarly rational rebirth. Believe in ...