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by Calvary Chapel - 4 months ago

Religious Freedom, The Wounds of a Friend, Dr. Lu Wing on Vaccines & More

"The Equality Act, People of Faith, and Religious Freedom"– Christianity Today"I’ve written before on the Equality Act. As one who believes that all people are worthy of dignity and respect, I believe that we need to advocate for the civil rights of everyone— rel...

by Calvary Chapel - 4 months ago

Prayer Around the World Announcement

When Covid was first introduced to our world and everything shut down, it was obvious that we should have a prayer time online. And it has been a very fruitful year! There are countless stories of people giving their lives to the Lord and crisis moments when we were praying together. New relationships have been formed through these prayer times. As the one-year anniversary of Prayer Around the World appro...

by Calvary Chapel - 4 months ago

The Link: Progressive Christianity, Mental Health, the Death of God & More

"After Sermon Criticizing Wives’ Weight, Pastor Resigns as Moderator of General Baptist Meeting"– The Roys Report"A pastor who preached that 'weight control' by wives is the solution for marital problems has resigned as moderator of a meeting of the General Baptist Council of Associations and is being i...