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Why Wait for Marriage, CA and Covid Restrictions, Mental Health & More

"What Wait for Marriage...A Discussion on Dating and Sexuality"– GoodLion PodcastAaron sits down with his old friend Jordan and her boyfriend (now fiancé since the time of this recording!) Hip-Hop and R&B artist Jon Keith to discuss dating, sex, and wai...

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Aimee Semple McPherson Part 3

Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944): That’s right, we are back for more from Aimee Semple McPherson! Yet in this episode, we aren’t going to just continue talking about Aimee, but about the lives of others she influenced--especially a few folks who have been a big part of Cheryl’s life! Trust us, you will be amazed at these testimonies from the fruit of Aimee’s ministry! Aimee: Life Story of Aimee ...

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The Link: MLK, The Gospel and 2020, Flesh vs Spirit & More!

"Martin Luther King and His Partner in the Cause"– Desiring God"Behind a microphone and standing in front of a crowd, Martin Luther King Jr.’s gifts came alive, stirring millions with his voice, inspiring through eloquent words and living illustrations. All of those gifts are on display...

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The Link: Missions Conference Archives, Truth Over Power, Whataboutism & More

"2021 Missions Conference Archives"– Calvary Global Network & CCCM"We are excited to have the archives available from the 2021 Missions Conference! This year's conference was a blessing to be able to hear from many speaker on the theme, "Missions in a New World." Enjoy messages from ministry leaders, backstage in...

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Archives Available!

Enjoy the archives here for the 2021 Missions Conference! Archives

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The Link: 2021 Missions Conference, Teaching Messianic Prophecies to Teenagers, The Thrill of Hope Advent & More

"Missions Conference 2021"– Calvary Chapel Missions"At the 2021 Missions Conference on January 4-6, we will be exploring what our mission will look like in the years ahead. “Missions in a New World” is our theme, and we have a great lineup of speakers, each with a long history in missions and pastoral ministry, to cast vision for the future."...