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What is Revival, Nietzsche Was Right, Harriet Tubman & More

"What Is Revival? A Week of Meetings with Dr. J. Edwin Orr"– David Guzik"In this message, the late Dr. J. Edwin Orr explains what 'revival' really is. This is an important message for the present day when the subject of revival and spiritual awakening is so misunderstood."...

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The Link: 9/11, Justice Without Christ, How to Rejoice in Ministry & More

September 11, 2001:"We remember. We remember the shock and horror of watching such an act of wickedness play out in real-time. We remember the dread as we watched the Towers collapse. We remember the thousands of lives lost. We remember how wrong it felt, the feelings of violation, anger, and confusion. We remember the injustice. We remember the tears and grief in the days, weeks, and months that followed. We ...

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The Link: Update on Hurricane Laura, The First Great Awakening, A Rush of Hope & More

"Update on Hurricane Laura"– Calvary Global Network "Calvary Disaster Relief is sending a team out to meet with Mercy Chefs. Both ministers are currently in need of resources and financial assistance. Please be in prayer and if you or your church can help financially or happens to have access to a portable water tr...