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by Calvary Chapel - 2 years ago

Prayer Around the World: 24 Hour Live Prayer

Tune in for FB Live prayer sessions happening 24/7, every hour, on the Calvary Chapel FB page. Pastors/ministry leaders have agreed to host a prayer time throughout each day.We know that God is on the throne and will help us through this time. Please join us on our Facebook page, as we come together in prayer. God Bless,- The Team ...

by Calvary Chapel - 2 years ago

The Link: Cultural Engagement, Creation Fest UK Update, Conspiracy Theories & More!

"Conspiracy Theories and the Gospel"–“Jesus did want us to take action against the injustice happening in the world at the hands of corrupt government, corrupt officials, or corrupt angelic powers, but it wasn’t through the whisperings of conspiracy, the spreading of leaflets, the emailin...