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The Link: Marijuana, Understanding Cessationism, Evangelicals in U.S. & More

"How to Be More Public with Your Faith"– The Gospel Coalition"Each generation—from Gen X to Millennials to “Gen Z”—is significantly less religious and less churchgoing than the generation before. This should mean Christians talk more to their neighbors, colleagues, and friends about the reasons they beli...

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The Link: CGN International Conference, Chris Pratt, Church Sexual Abuse, & More

CGN International Conference– Calvary Global Network"2019 CGN International Conference | June 24-27 SAME CONFERENCE – NEW NAME! Same ministry training and biblical instruction focus, but with a slower pace and much more free time, for investing in relationships. This is an annual opportunity for Christ-centered people and chu...

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The Link: Ease is the New Vice, Social Pressure, Admissions Opportunities & More

"You Don’t Have to Have a Well-Formed Opinion on Everything"– The Gospel Coalition"If you’re not familiar with the day’s controversy, you may feel awkward for a moment. You don’t know what they’re talking about, and if you admit your ignorance, your friend may raise an eyebrow, se...