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by Calvary Chapel - 2 days ago

Missions 2020: The Church That God Plants

Why plant churches? This question will be addressed at the Calvary Chapel Global Missions 2020 Conference and will go in depth about what church planting is, why its worth it for the Church to invest in missions and more! As a movement that has been missions-minded from the beginning, Calvary Chapel is excited to have you come and see how the Lord will speak and move! The conference hosts many missionarie...

by Calvary Chapel - 1 week ago

CA Wildfire Report: Please Pray

We are praying for those affected by the CA wildfires: "CA Wildfires Map"– LA Times "The most recent fire is the Bitter fire, which started today. It is 80% contained and has burned 30 acres so far. The largest active fire is the Taboose fire, which has burned 10,296 acres so far. It sta...

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The Link: C.S. Lewis' Last Written Word, Darwin Apostasy, Pro Skater Story & More

"C. S. Lewis’ Last Written Word: We Have No Right to Happiness"– The Gospel Coalition"The last written work that C. S. Lewis delivered before his death in 1963 was an opinion piece for the Saturday Evening Post called 'We Have No Right to Happiness.' This brief essay lays out the problem of ...

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The Link: Sunergos Training, Outgrowing Atheism, Rick Warren & More

"Best of Series: Rick Warren & The Controversies Surrounding His Life & Ministry"–"Join us on this “Best of Series” as we highlight key episodes from Things That Matter. Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church addresses the controv...

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The Bahamas: Hurricane Relief

Praying for the Bahamas We are praying for the Bahamas and the victims of Hurricane Dorian. If you wish to support the disaster relief and receive more information, please click on the link below. Donate

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The Link: 09.03.2019

"A Successful Pastoral Transition, And Beyond- Pastor Bill Walden"– Poimen Ministries"Our vision is to strengthen senior or lead pastors. We believe as we do this it gives the church a better opportunity to be even more fruitful and make a greater impact ...