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by Cheryl Brodersen - about 6 days

Living Grace: Journey for Joy

Depression and mental illness may be considered a challenging topic for believers. Kay Warren joins host Cheryl Brodersen in this discussion about seeking God in the midst of a loved one's mental illness. Kay presents an open and raw exposition of her journey for joy and God’s goodness. If you wish to seek further understanding of mental illness, visit Saddleback Church’s Mental Health Ministry. Kay has written seve...

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 20 days

Living Grace: Practicing Presence “Here, Now”

Are we in the “here” and “now”? Are we embracing life moment by moment? Kate Merrick has just written a new book titled, “Here. Now: Unearthing Peace and Presence in an Overconnected World,” that is available now for purchase throughout all available platforms! Kate Merrick, married to Britt Merrick of Reality Church, and author of “And Still She Laughs” and “Here, Now,” discusses the purpose of practicing presence...

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 1 month

Living Grace: Unity in My Church & Community

What does unity in my local church look like on a practical level? What steps can I take toward unity as part of my local church and community? We are so happy to hear from host Cheryl Brodersen, with guests Vicki Bentley and Annie Stone, as they tackle this topic and share practical approaches to facilitate unity! “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 1 month

Living Grace: What’s Your Gift?

Welcome back to a new season of “Living Grace!” We pray that you will be blessed by stories, testimonies and encouragement from women who seek to live out grace every day! Do you ignore your God-given gifts? We can all go through the internal battles of insecurity, loss of identity and remembering who we are. Host Cheryl Brodersen discusses the need and use for our god-given talents within the Church with guest S...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 3 months

"A Women's Battle for Grace" New Book Release!

We are very excited for the newly released book, A Woman's Battle for Grace: Why God is More Than You Expected And Everything in Between, by Cheryl Brodersen! *** When Guilt Wages War, Fight for Grace Christian women repeatedly fall into the trap of self-condemnation. They choose to berate themselves in their weakness...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 3 months

CGN Senior Pastors Wives Retreat

"A Time of Refreshing" (Acts 3:19b) March 18 - 20, 2019 Twin Peaks Christian Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, CA $170 - On-site registration includes: lodging, meals, materials, and all sessions ...

Current Events / by Cheryl Brodersen - 5 months

How to Develop a Lifestyle of Thanksgiving That Outlives the Holiday

There is no difficulty in finding things to gripe and complain about. Have you noticed? However, it takes a transformed perspective, an act of the will and practice to see and commend "the good and excellent" (Romans 12:2). We tend to ignore, neglect, pass over or be quiet about the things that are good. At the same time, we are quite vocal about the hard, uncomfortable, distasteful, dirty and “needs improving” th...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 7 months

Living Grace: The Satisfying, Significant & Substantial Love of Christ

Enjoy this episode of “Living Grace” as guest Sher Pai shares on how satisfying, significant and substantial a relationship with Jesus is. Through a simple friendship with her neighbor years ago, Sher met Jesus and never looked back. She realized very quickly how important and fulfilling it is to have times of fellowship to talk about Jesus. She now leads women's Bible studies, speaks at retreats and events, and has ...