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by Cheryl Brodersen - about 1 hour

Living Grace: Hannah Overton on Forgiveness & Growth in Her Ministry

On this special edition of “Living Grace,” Hannah Overton returns and gives an update on the ministry that has grown from her testimony and experiences of being wrongly accused and sentenced to life in prison. From her grief and pain, Hannah has seen God’s amazing peace and forgiveness work through her to start a Bible study in prison that has grown to a flourishing ministry called Syndeo Ministries, reaching women i...

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 7 days

Living Grace: Serving God in the Workforce

On this episode of “Living Grace,” Nicole Williams provides insight toward Christian women who are raising families and simultaneously employed. Currently working as a flight attendant, Nicole unpacks and shares her experience, from God speaking to her through this job opportunity, to facing work drama that so often occurs. If you are in the work force or contemplating entering a job, watch and listen to Nicole’s god...

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 14 days

Living Grace: Using Our God-Given Gifts for His Glory

Enjoy this new episode of Living Grace as Jayne Sylvester joins us and shares her heart for worship and music. Through her experiences, Jayne speaks on the need to remember how God has given each of us a priceless gift & calling to use for His glory. Jayne closes by performing an original song that you can view through her social media platforms via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube!

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 21 days

Living Grace: Understanding Relationships

On this latest edition of "Living Grace," host Cheryl Brodersen talks with Sarah Bard, daughter of Dave and Nancy Sylvester of Calvary Chapel York. Through their discussion, Sarah provides lessons the Lord has shown her through relationships, whether in friendship, marriage, family and more, as they prove our main dependence on Jesus. Enjoy this new episode as we focus on lessons from the Lord in relationships and th...

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 28 days

Living Grace: Choosing Rest in Your Thoughts

We are excited to kick off a new season of “Living Grace” with Nancy Sylvester in the studio, sharing about gaining a fresh perspective from the Lord and choosing her thoughts wisely. Having been led by the Lord to minister in York, England, Nancy and her husband Dave’s life became a flourishing, but hectic schedule of full-time ministry and housing a Bible college on campus. After experiencing physical ailments Nanc...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 4 months

Living Grace S4E10: Praying for Our Children in Schools

Enjoy this episode of “Living Grace” as guest Fern Nichols shares about the origin of Moms in Prayer, an organization of moms, grandmas, aunts etc. who gather in groups representing schools from across the US and abroad to pray. Fern shares the four principles used as a format from the Lord's Prayer during this hour of prayer: praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession. Moms in Prayer welcomes all women to com...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 4 months

Living Grace S4E09: The Home Educator's Mission

What does homeschool education and a heart for missions have in common? Guest Danielle Overholt shares how God led her to make the decision to homeschool her children, and how that foundation was used to open opportunities to share the gospel in another country. While there are many misconceptions of homeschool education, Danielle presents a clear explanation to better understand the dynamics of homeschooling and the...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 4 months

Living Grace: S4E08: When Religion Becomes Relationship

Coming from a traditional and religious background, to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, is the story Kathy Keys shares on this episode of “Living Grace.” Kathy was raised in her family’s country of Ireland and was immersed in the Catholic lifestyle and culture in the southern part of Ireland. She gives her testimony and shares that, although her background was one of religion and duty, Jesus was able to mee...