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by Cheryl Brodersen - about 23 days

"A Women's Battle for Grace" New Book Release!

We are very excited for the newly released book, A Woman's Battle for Grace: Why God is More Than You Expected And Everything in Between, by Cheryl Brodersen! *** When Guilt Wages War, Fight for Grace Christian women repeatedly fall into the trap of self-condemnation. They choose to berate themselves in their weakness...

by Cheryl Brodersen - about 1 month

CGN Senior Pastors Wives Retreat

"A Time of Refreshing" (Acts 3:19b) March 18 - 20, 2019 Twin Peaks Christian Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, CA $170 - On-site registration includes: lodging, meals, materials, and all sessions ...

Current Events / by Cheryl Brodersen - 3 months

How to Develop a Lifestyle of Thanksgiving That Outlives the Holiday

There is no difficulty in finding things to gripe and complain about. Have you noticed? However, it takes a transformed perspective, an act of the will and practice to see and commend "the good and excellent" (Romans 12:2). We tend to ignore, neglect, pass over or be quiet about the things that are good. At the same time, we are quite vocal about the hard, uncomfortable, distasteful, dirty and “needs improving” th...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 5 months

Living Grace: The Satisfying, Significant & Substantial Love of Christ

Enjoy this episode of “Living Grace” as guest Sher Pai shares on how satisfying, significant and substantial a relationship with Jesus is. Through a simple friendship with her neighbor years ago, Sher met Jesus and never looked back. She realized very quickly how important and fulfilling it is to have times of fellowship to talk about Jesus. She now leads women's Bible studies, speaks at retreats and events, and has ...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 5 months

Living Grace: What is a Woman’s Place in Ministry?

On this special edition of “Living Grace,” host Cheryl Brodersen discusses the topic of women in ministry with guests Angie Emma and Laura Jackson. Can women minister in the church? What is the place of ministry for women? They each share thoughts in response to these questions and seek to point other ladies toward how God values them and wishes to use them in unique ways.

by Cheryl Brodersen - 5 months

Living Grace: Hold Onto God’s Promises

Has God ever given you a promise, and yet it seems like it will never come to pass? Guest Raeleen Higgins discusses promises from the Lord on this episode of “Living Grace." She encourages us to hold fast to those promises through prayer and time in the Word, knowing that as we surrender to Him, "The Lord will guide you always..." (Isaiah 58:11). Prayer is powerful, and Raeleen shares amazing stories about a prayer g...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 6 months

Living Grace: Are We Reluctant to Rest in the Lord?

Enjoy this episode of “Living Grace” as guest Vicki Finley discusses reluctant leadership. Vicki explains how her relationship with the Lord was strained by fears, insecurities and lack of trust until her husband brought a puppy home one day. Through her experience of training and raising their dog, Vicki received multiple epiphanies that correlated to her relationship with the Lord. Vicki tells fun stories about her...

by Cheryl Brodersen - 6 months

Living Grace: Stability in Our Faith in Jesus

Often, as Christ followers, we fall into the belief that we must always have our lives together. Yet this is not so! On this episode of “Living Grace,” Michelle Taylor shares the experiences she has gone through as a believer and the struggles she has faced spiritually. Michelle & host Cheryl Brodersen expound on the fact that until we are shaken, we will never be stable. Be encouraged that God surely uses struggles ...