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by Dave Shirley - 11 months ago

Jesus & Cultural Relativism

We live in a cultural time when being "educated" is synonymous with being agnostic, a time when people promote prejudice and bias about things of which they have no real experience. My favorite definition of cultural anthropology was penned by Edward Hoebel: “The sum total of integrated learned behavior patterns which are characteristic of members of a society and which are therefore not the result of biological i...

by Dave Shirley - 1 year ago

Perspective on the "X" in X-Mas

In the Greek alphabet the letter X (chi) may be used as an abbreviation for Christ, a symbol of the anointed Messiah. When you see X-mas, don’t think they took Christ (X) out of Christmas. Rather, think of the anointed X or "Messiah of God." Take a moment and renew your thoughts about X, and “Let the word of 'X' dwell in you richly.” 1 Corinthians cal...