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by Dave Shirley - 2 years ago

Likes and Dislikes: Jesus' Opinions on Church

Would it not be "profitable" (2 Timothy 3:16) to make a list of what Jesus "likes and dislikes" about His churches? There is a list of likes and dislikes that He revealed in the letters to the churches (Revelation 2-3). Likes and dislikes are not the same as love, for the covenant love of the Lord for the Church He “washed in His own blood,” does not wane or change. It does not have a tidal ebb and flow. His love,...

by Dave Shirley - 3 years ago

Jesus & Cultural Relativism

We live in a cultural time when being "educated" is synonymous with being agnostic, a time when people promote prejudice and bias about things of which they have no real experience. My favorite definition of cultural anthropology was penned by Edward Hoebel: “The sum total of integrated learned behavior patterns which are characteristic of members of a society and which are therefore not the result of biological i...

by Dave Shirley - 3 years ago

Perspective on the "X" in X-Mas

In the Greek alphabet the letter X (chi) may be used as an abbreviation for Christ, a symbol of the anointed Messiah. When you see X-mas, don’t think they took Christ (X) out of Christmas. Rather, think of the anointed X or "Messiah of God." Take a moment and renew your thoughts about X, and “Let the word of 'X' dwell in you richly.” 1 Corinthians cal...