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by David Guzik - 3 months ago

The End of Fear: An Advent Meditation

Traditionally, Christians have remembered the four Sundays before Christmas Day as Sundays of Advent, often lighting a series of four candles over those days. In our home we have a row of four red advent candles, one for each of those Sundays. By the time the fourth Sunday comes all four candles are bright, their flames bringing light to our home. It's a tradition that can serve to prepare us to celebrate t...

by David Guzik - 11 months ago

The Real Meaning of Palm Sunday

This article originally appeared on on April 13, 2014. When Jesus came into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday, you could say that it was a patriotic parade. This is how it is described in John 12:12-13: "The next day a great multitude that had come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, took branches of palm trees a...

by David Guzik - 1 year ago

Sermon Notes: 10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep

Sermon Notes: That is the final component in this miniseries on sermon prep. “My big exhortation, especially to younger preachers/teachers, is that you should experiment with different methods to find out what suits you best.” – David Guzik Watch previous episodes on Sermon Prep:. ...

by David Guzik - 1 year ago

Presentation: 10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep

| 10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep | Presentation: That is the third component in this miniseries on sermon prep “One of the most important principles is that people have to come to the place where they learn how to be themselves in the pulpit. “ – David Guzik, 10-Minute Seminary

by David Guzik - 2 years ago

Study: 10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep

|10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep| Study: That is the first key component with sermon prep. “I think it’s very important for anyone to spend their first time in prayerful study and meditation upon the Bible.” - 10-Minute Seminary with David Guzik

by David Guzik - 2 years ago

Reformation Day: Live Session with David Guzik

As a finale to our celebration of 500 years since the Reformation, we are excited to have guests David Guzik and Lance Ralston speak on the most important aspect of the Reformation, in light of the celebration of 500 years since the reformation. Enjoy David Guzik's Facebook Live session!

by David Guzik - 2 years ago

Finally, The Spiritual Battle

Many Christians begin their life in Jesus Christ somewhat ignorant of the idea of spiritual battle. They find it easy to ignore what the Bible teaches - that is, that there are spiritual beings of intelligence and power that seek to defeat and hinder God's people. Through a combination of experience and instruction, they learn the truth of this spiritual battle, and the most common passage in the Bible regarding t...

by David Guzik - 2 years ago

Why The Gospel Is Central

In past years there has been a re-emphasis and refocus on the centrality of the gospel. It's easy to notice how many organizations, books, conferences and movements purposefully use the word “gospel” in their title. Generally, it is a welcome and positive trend, with the hope that the meaning of the word "gospel" doesn't get buried or taken for granted by overuse or careless use. The word “gospel” mean...

by David Guzik - 2 years ago

A Secured Tomb Couldn't Stop the Resurrected Christ

Many times during the years of His earthly ministry, Jesus promised that He would rise from the dead (John 2:18-22; Matthew 12:39-40; 16:21). His enemies remembered those predictions (Matthew 27:62-64) and were worried that what Jesus said might actually happen. So, those enemies came to Pilate, asking for a guard to be set at the tomb (Matthew 27:65-66). The Roman ruler granted their request, saying, "You ...