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by David Guzik - about 1 month

Study: 10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep

|10-Minute Seminary: David Guzik on Sermon Prep| Study: That is the first key component with sermon prep. “I think it’s very important for anyone to spend their first time in prayerful study and meditation upon the Bible.” - 10-Minute Seminary with David Guzik

by David Guzik - 5 months

Reformation Day: Live Session with David Guzik

As a finale to our celebration of 500 years since the Reformation, we are excited to have guests David Guzik and Lance Ralston speak on the most important aspect of the Reformation, in light of the celebration of 500 years since the reformation. Enjoy David Guzik's Facebook Live session!

Theology / by David Guzik - 6 months

Finally, The Spiritual Battle

Many Christians begin their life in Jesus Christ somewhat ignorant of the idea of spiritual battle. They find it easy to ignore what the Bible teaches - that is, that there are spiritual beings of intelligence and power that seek to defeat and hinder God's people. Through a combination of experience and instruction, they learn the truth of this spiritual battle, and the most common passage in the Bible regarding t...

Gospel / by David Guzik - 10 months

Why The Gospel Is Central

In past years there has been a re-emphasis and refocus on the centrality of the gospel. It's easy to notice how many organizations, books, conferences and movements purposefully use the word “gospel” in their title. Generally, it is a welcome and positive trend, with the hope that the meaning of the word "gospel" doesn't get buried or taken for granted by overuse or careless use. The word “gospel” mean...

Gospel / by David Guzik - 12 months

A Secured Tomb Couldn't Stop the Resurrected Christ

Many times during the years of His earthly ministry, Jesus promised that He would rise from the dead (John 2:18-22; Matthew 12:39-40; 16:21). His enemies remembered those predictions (Matthew 27:62-64) and were worried that what Jesus said might actually happen. So, those enemies came to Pilate, asking for a guard to be set at the tomb (Matthew 27:65-66). The Roman ruler granted their request, saying, "You ...

Theology / by David Guzik - about 1 year

Soli Deo Gloria: Why We Live for the Glory of God

2017 is a special year, marking the 500 year anniversary of a world-changing event: the start of the Protestant Reformation. It’s really not fair to mark one point alone for this revolution of faith and practice in Europe and the world, because it was the product of forces that developed over many decades. But Martin Luther’s October 31, 1517, declaration of 95 complaints against the practice of selling red...

Theology / by David Guzik - about 1 year

Solus Christus: Why We Don't Put Our Faith in Churches, Leaders or Rituals

On October 31,1517, the German monk, pastor and seminary professor, Martin Luther, published 95 complaints against the church practice of selling reductions to the penalty of sin. The iconic figure we cherish is of Luther nailing a paper with these 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, but historians aren’t completely confident that he did this. We have no record of Martin Luther himself referr...

by David Guzik - about 1 year

Sola Gratia: The Beauty & Sufficiency of Grace in the Salvation of Sinners

Soon it will be the 500th anniversary of when German pastor, monk and seminary professor, Martin Luther, published 95 objections to the church practice of selling reductions to the penalty of sin. Most historians use that event to mark the start of what we call the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther and his fellow reformers changed the European world and beyond, and their ideas are summarized in a series...