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Leadership Training / by Derek Neider - 2 months

Three Principles for Every Leader to Get Right

Like some of you, ministry has been a continual growth process for me. It seems that there are some who just “get it” and “got it” from the get go. But for me it’s been a journey; specifically, in leading a team effectively to fulfill the vision and mission that’s before us. For context, Calvary Chapel Las Vegas has paid employees in both our church and school a...

Evangelism / by Derek Neider - 3 months

Proclaiming the Gospel According to Charles Spurgeon

THE BOOK A few months ago, I decided to reread Spurgeon's classic work, The Soul Winner. Like most people, my view is that anything Spurgeon writes is worth the time and effort to read. This book of course is no exception. While many Christian books can be tedious and dry, the only thing I found to be dry in rereading this classic was my highlighter. Paragraph after paragraph, one liner after one...

Christian Living / by Derek Neider - 5 months

Three Hindrances That Need to Be Stripped From My Life

A few years back I had this great idea of restoring a 1972 Chevy Blazer 4X4. I loved that specific year, great body lines, removable top, and it looks great with a 6" lift kit. A good friend in the restoration business started the search and called me a few days later with what he said was the perfect truck to restore. What I got in my garage was affectionately nicknamed by my kids "Mater" after the rusted-out buc...