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by Greg Laurie - 10 months ago

Harvest Crusade 2019

Watch the Harvest Crusade LIVE on August 23-25 Do you question your purpose, how to find real happiness, or wonder if there’s life after death? Find answers to life’s looming questions at SoCal Harvest. Join us in three wonderful nights full of musical performances by top Christian ar...

by Greg Laurie - 10 months ago

Johnny Cash: Redemption of an American Icon

"I think most people have heard of Johnny Cash and would recognize his music, even among today’s young people. He had a unique style of music that transcends time and sets him apart from other musicians. As an individual, he was unique as well. Sinners thought Johnny was a saint, and saints thought Johnny was a sinner. The reality is, he was both. Just like us, he was flawed, he blew it, and he fell and he...