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Leadership Training / by Jeff Gill - 11 months

Lessons in Leadership Part 3: Fearlessly Leading the Good Fight

Sometimes I think we forget as pastors and leaders that we have intentionally placed ourselves in the line of fire, the front of the battle—directly in the crosshairs of the enemy—this is our reality every day—are you ready for it? God wants you to be strong in Him because we are fighting against powerful forces of darkness. In battle, the giants we face take many forms—power, anger, building proje...

Leadership Training / by Jeff Gill - about 1 year

Five Biblical Keys to Managing Your Day for God’s Glory

Many church leaders I talk with complain that they do not have enough time for all the demands of the ministry and communicate this to me along these lines: They often find their day is actually run for them by the tyranny of the urgent in three basic categories: problems, people and processes. 1. You must take control, "Seize the Day" (Carpe Diem)! "Redeem the time for the days are evil" ...

Discipleship / by Jeff Gill - about 1 year

Lessons in Leadership Part 1: Who is in Charge of Your Church?

All of us who occupy a pastoral leadership position in a church, will at some point in time be faced with a very critical question: Who is the head of your church? It will be asked by people seeking to talk with the “guy in charge,” “the senior or lead” pastor, “the guy who makes the decisions”– and 100 other ways. It is in that moment we have a choice—and the choice is critical. The answer to this...