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by Jon Bell - 2 years ago

Thoughts on the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church Shooting

I’ve been processing the tragedy that occurred Sunday morning. I was about to wrap up my teaching about 300 miles north of Sutherland Springs in the same state of Texas. I remember looking at the clock in the back, hanging on the wall of our sanctuary, to make sure I was on time in my sermon and saw that it was 11:30am. I had no idea that at that very moment a gunman was shooting up a church, killin...

by Jon Bell - 2 years ago

What I Should Expect from My Church Part 2

Enjoy the first part of this two part series! While having the wrong expectations from our church can stifle spiritual growth, having the right expectations will give us discernment that will lead us to a healthy church body where we can grow in our faith, maximizing all that God has for us. Here are some th...

by Jon Bell - 2 years ago

Am I Expecting Too Much from My Church? Part 1

God uses the local church as a powerful instrument for a believer’s spiritual growth and maturity. The early church was a simple model where believers came together to hear the Word taught, to pray together, to take communion and to fellowship. The early church was an exciting place of love, power, fruitfulness and where Jesus was all-sufficient. Like the early church, our local churches today should be a ...