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by Ken Sutton - 7 years ago

Easter(n) Europe

I just spent the last two weeks in Eastern Europe, where I had the opportunity to take 7 men to do an outreach and help facilitate the Calvary Chapel Romanian Transform conference. Because of the date of the Romanian Easter, we celebrated the resurrection of Christ twice this year! Once at Calvary Everett and a week later in a city called Cluj, Napoca. Let me share with you why this was an Easter I will never forg...

by Ken Sutton - 7 years ago

Men's Ministry Basics

In this post I will answer the most common questions I am asked about men’s ministry. 1. Why is men’s ministry so important? Ready yourself for some sobering statistics. The typical U.S. congregation draws an adult crowd that’s 61% female, 39% male (Barna). On any given Sunday there are 13 million more adult women than men in America’s churches (2000 Census, David Murrow). This Sunday almost 25% of m...

by Ken Sutton - 7 years ago

Weak Men Weak Excuses

Years ago I ran into a man at a retreat that I hadn't seen for quite a while...As we sat down across from each other I asked him what he was doing nowadays and what ministries he was engaged in (he had been actively serving in his church when I saw him last). His answer went something like this..."I have been going to the men's ministry and the pastor even asked me if I would be a men's small group leader, but I s...