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Christian Living / by Lance Ralston - 5 months

When Everything Falls Into Disorder

While Evangelical Progressives applaud recent cultural changes, those of the Conservative branch are concerned as traditional values are thrown over in favor of the Moral Revolution. What they need to remember is that this is the way it’s been since the beginning. In Genesis 2:17, God warned Adam and Eve if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would die. As warned, when Adam ate, de...

Leadership Training / by Lance Ralston - 8 months

The Success of Succession: When Church Leaders Are Pressed to Compromise

When Protestants broke with Rome in the 15th Century, Rome countered the Protestant departure with a claim to Apostolic succession: "Look," they said, "Our leaders go all the way back to the original Apostles in an unbroken line of succession. Today's Pope is the spiritual successor of Christ Himself. He appointed Peter, whose role as Bishop of Rome flows right down to today in an unbroken line of spiritual author...

Christian Living / by Lance Ralston - 9 months

Why I Need to Discern My Thought Life

In Deuteronomy 1, Moses spoke to a new generation about to enter the Promised Land. He gave them both a history lesson and reminded them of the terms of their covenant with God. He wanted to make sure they didn't repeat the error of their parents, who 38 years before failed to enter the land out of fear of the Canaanites. That fear was wholly unreasonable in light of all they'd seen over the previous year a...

Christian Living / by Lance Ralston - 10 months

The Church, the Culture and Corinth: Facing the Lack of Dignity in the 21st Century

The world is again in the grip of yet another realization that it's ways are bankrupt. The sexual revolution of the 60s has born more bitter fruit in the ever-growing sexual harassment scandals rocking one industry and institution after another. Like falling dominoes, leaders, athletes and celebrities face career-ending accusations. In the midst of scandal, the Gospel offers an attractive option.  ...

Christian Living / by Lance Ralston - 11 months

Jesus Brings (More) Life

While all God’s Word is inspired and profitable ( 2 Timothy 3:16), most Christians have favorite passages. Sometimes we talk about our “life verse” by which we mean something especially relevant to our entire lives. Then there are seasons in which different verses are especially poignant. They’re a kind of “spiritual flashlight” to help us find our way or provide a handle that brings perspective.  A passag...

Current Events / by Lance Ralston - 11 months

Hope Through the Flame: Facing the Southern California Fires

The Thomas Fire has been roaring to life in the hills near Santa Paula. High winds drove it relentlessly toward Ventura where it burned hundreds of homes, including three of our members and many friends. The faith of our members is a beauty to behold. All three families were in service Sunday and gave testimony to God’s sustaining grace. We’ve already heard dozens of stories of small ways God has evidenced...

by Lance Ralston - about 1 year

Reformation Day: Live Session with Lance Ralston

As a finale to our celebration of 500 years since the Reformation, we are excited to have guests David Guzik and Lance Ralston speak on the most important aspect of the Reformation, in light of the celebration of 500 years since the reformation. Enjoy Lance Ralston's Facebook Live session!