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by Lance Ralston - 2 years ago

Why I Need to Discern My Thought Life

In Deuteronomy 1, Moses spoke to a new generation about to enter the Promised Land. He gave them both a history lesson and reminded them of the terms of their covenant with God. He wanted to make sure they didn't repeat the error of their parents, who 38 years before failed to enter the land out of fear of the Canaanites. That fear was wholly unreasonable in light of all they'd seen over the previous year a...

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

The Church, the Culture and Corinth: Facing the Lack of Dignity in the 21st Century

The world is again in the grip of yet another realization that it's ways are bankrupt. The sexual revolution of the 60s has born more bitter fruit in the ever-growing sexual harassment scandals rocking one industry and institution after another. Like falling dominoes, leaders, athletes and celebrities face career-ending accusations. In the midst of scandal, the Gospel offers an attractive option. ...

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

Jesus Brings (More) Life

While all God’s Word is inspired and profitable ( 2 Timothy 3:16), most Christians have favorite passages. Sometimes we talk about our “life verse” by which we mean something especially relevant to our entire lives. Then there are seasons in which different verses are especially poignant. They’re a kind of “spiritual flashlight” to help us find our way or provide a handle that brings perspective. A passag...

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

Hope Through the Flame: Facing the Southern California Fires

The Thomas Fire has been roaring to life in the hills near Santa Paula. High winds drove it relentlessly toward Ventura where it burned hundreds of homes, including three of our members and many friends. The faith of our members is a beauty to behold. All three families were in service Sunday and gave testimony to God’s sustaining grace. We’ve already heard dozens of stories of small ways God has evidenced...

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

Reformation Day: Live Session with Lance Ralston

As a finale to our celebration of 500 years since the Reformation, we are excited to have guests David Guzik and Lance Ralston speak on the most important aspect of the Reformation, in light of the celebration of 500 years since the reformation. Enjoy Lance Ralston's Facebook Live session!

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

The Saturday Before the Dawn of Hope

At the Last Supper, Jesus repeated something He’d been saying to the disciples often over the previous several days. He told them He was about to leave. He warned them He would be betrayed into the hands of enemies, executed, then rise from the dead three days later. He kept repeating it because they weren’t getting it. They heard the words. It’s just that they didn’t accept them. Dying didn’t fit their scenario f...

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

Walking Wisely in a Moral Minefield: Thoughts on the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast

Once again controversy rages over a film. This time, a beloved children’s classic, Beauty and the Beast. Disney Studios' live-action film “updates” the tale with some, what they consider, socially-conscious editing by including a nod to a same-sex attraction for one of the characters. And many parents are now second-guessing taking their kids to see it.The call for protests and boycotts has been r...

by Lance Ralston - 3 years ago

Discovering the Reason for the Holy Spirit's Conviction

Had an enlightening conversation awhile back. It moved me to ponder the likelihood there are many Christians who’ve only experienced half the Gospel, the hard part. Let me explain . . .While there are many openings the Spirit of God enters to draw a soul into faith, at some point, that person has to be confronted with their need of a Savior. We commonly refer to this awareness as conviction of sin. Unl...

by Lance Ralston - 4 years ago

Are Christians on the Wrong Side of History?

Several years ago, I watched a short-lived series on ancient Rome. While the story was fictional, the characters were historical and the producers aimed to give an accurate account of the customs of the time. I often found myself weeping at the brutality and hopelessness of the paganism of the 1st century BC. A recurring thought was how desperately the people of ancient Rome needed Jesus. So now, when I hear criti...

by Lance Ralston - 4 years ago

Sailing into Stormy Seas

The pre-tribulation rapture is a Calvary Chapel distinctive. But that doesn’t mean we expect things to be all roses before the Rapture. On the contrary, we can expect things to heat up and become more difficult in this life, even before the Tribulation. If we are approaching the end times, as current events seem to indicate, things are going to get worse, not better. We ought to pray for revival, but we know what ...