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Current Events / by Lu Wing - 10 months

Challenges with Medical Marijuana: Treatment of Pain or Excuse for Pleasure?

Evidence to support the medical benefits of smoking marijuana for the treatment of pain has become a challenge for many Christians.  Our culture has made a radical shift in the acceptance of marijuana as a medication, which has also paved the way for legalization of marijuana for recreational use.   Marijuana, derived from a species of cannabis, contains a relatively high concentra...

Christian Living / by Lu Wing - about 1 year

Weapons of this Warfare: Facing the Strongholds of Social Media

I was amazed to read the headlines today, “Twitter Engineers to 'Ban a Way of Talking' Through 'Shadow Banning,'” "Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions.”  According to a Twitter engineer, “Twitter is 'shadow banning' to stealthily target political views.”  Shadow banning is really a way of “sanitizing” thought by eliminating ideas that are not in line with their current ideologies.  ...