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by Mike Chaddick - over 3 years

The Pedagogy of Christmas: How Christmas Teaches Us About Ourselves, and What We Value Most

Human life is full of rituals, practices, and liturgies. Whether religious or irreligious, these things form us into certain kinds of people. Perhaps we would not use these exact terms, but the realities represented by them are inescapable. Many people cannot fathom the idea of Christmas without decorating a Christmas tree or hanging a stocking above the fireplace. While Christians may often debate whether it’s ri...

by Mike Chaddick - over 3 years

Recovering the Lost Art of Conversation

One of the most meaningful, worthwhile things in the world is on the verge of extinction. If it were a rare breed of bird, many of us might start up a petition and even raise funds to save these animals. If it were an issue related to the environment, such as clean water or preserving trees in a precious rainforest, we would sound the alarm. But since the thing about which I speak is not an object, we may have alr...