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Christian Living / by Rob Dingman - about 12 days

Three Principles in Pursuing God

How do you have a decent quiet time? What does one do? And most importantly, why even do it? George Mueller, who sustained his orphanages by prayer, thought he had to travail in prayer every morning. He would go quite a while working at it, and often not getting very far at it, in his opinion. George changed his mind later in life. He realized the main order of business was that he be happy in the Lord ever...

Current Events / by Rob Dingman - 9 months

The Difference Between the Devil and God

I once watched a debate between Frank Turek and Christopher Hitchens. The topic was, “Which explains the existence of the universe better, theism or atheism?” Frank was loaded with points, facts, and spoke easily and effectively. Christopher responded with disdain and contempt. He did not quote facts, cite studies or use any hard science at all. The gist of his reply was, “I hate God. So, if I don’t tell God how f...

Current Events / by Rob Dingman - 10 months

Why Stephen Fry is Wrong

The above original image is sourced to Christian Post. In February 2017, an interviewer on Irish television asked Stephen Fry, “You walk up to the Pearly Gates and you are confronted by God. What would Stephen Fry say to Him, Her, or It?” Mr. Fry responded, “I think I’d ...