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by Rosemary Cady - 7 months ago

8 Ways to Develop a Women’s Ministry

Starting a new ministry can feel like a daunting task. It is hard not to feel overwhelmed with what to do first, wondering if it will succeed, and then feeling uncertain if you are doing it right! These feelings are understandable. In three churches, I have had the opportunity to lead in women’s ministry. In two of those three ministries, I transitioned into an existing leadership role, and in the third, I opened ...

by Rosemary Cady - 9 months ago

Is Women's Ministry Necessary?

There is a growing controversy today with churches assessing whether or not to have a women's ministry. Is it mandated in scripture, always beneficial, or not necessary at all? These are questions church leaders are asking. A large church in our town dropped their women's ministry to promote community groups instead. I have friends whose churches only have an occasional women's ministry event, and we have women wh...