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by James Travis - 7 months ago

Personal Eschatology: What Happens When I Die?

Ask a Bible-believing Christian, “What happens we die?”, and the answer will probably be something like: “Well, we go to heaven.” The rationale for this would likely be something along the lines of: “Because the Bible says so.” Let’s see if we can find a fuller answer in the pages of Scripture about personal eschatology, or simply, “What happens when we die?” Eschatology...

by James Travis - 8 months ago

Family Before Ministry: Four Points for Maintaining Healthy Balance

We've had some big changes in my home recently. Our young boys have started at a new school, and my wife has gone back to work after a break. These are all positive changes for our family, things we'd prayed about for a long time. For me, they have meant a couple of enforced changes to my tried and tested routine. They're good changes, positive changes, but my fallible and fallen flesh struggled to change my rhyth...

by James Travis - 2 years ago

Social Distancing: Staying Apart, But Staying Connected

As much of the world is now on lockdown, meaning that voluntary physical distancing became physical distancing through a government order, I wanted us as believers all over the world to consider the difference between "social distancing" and "physical distancing." Social Distancing vs. Physical Distancing Rather than term what we are all doing as "social distancing," would it not be better to ref...