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by Wayne Taylor - 11 months ago

The Real Saint Nick

Every Christmas Santa gets more than his share of attention. He’s the star of television specials, movies and countless sequels! His picture appears on cards and wrapping paper; he can be found at every mall and downtown department store. Life size plastic Santa's light up our front yards, and the worldwide progress of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are even tracked on Christmas Eve newscasts! Why is Santa...

by Wayne Taylor - 4 years ago

God is in Seattle: A Compelling Interview with Pastor Wayne Taylor

Welcome to the #SeattleTakeover of! This week exclusively features content from our Calvary Chapel leaders in the great Northwest city of Seattle. Kicking it all off, this video with Pastor Wayne Taylor talks about what he has seen church planting, preaching the gospel and loving the amazing city of Seattle for decades. You will be moved as you hear of all God has done in Seattle. You will be enc...