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by Calvary Global Network - 20 hours ago

New Podcast: CGN - Leading During Covid-19

Hey church leaders. We know this is a challenging moment for all of you as you do your best to lead your people well during crisis. To that end, we've started a short-form podcast where different leaders in our network share what they are currently doing to make a difference. Each episode is short and to the point, perfect for the busy pastor looking for inspiration and ideas on how to serve the body in this momen...

by Calvary Global Network - 1 week ago

CGN Coronavirus Update

An update to all of our CGN church friends from Pastor Brian Brodersen about the coronavirus pandemic.

by Calvary Global Network - 1 month ago

Calvary Chapel CGN International Conference

We are excited to announce the Calvary Chapel CGN International Conference happening on June 29 - July 2, 2020! Our theme this year is ESSENTIAL CHURCH: Identity, Power and Mission. We are excited to announce that we are taking the conference back to the Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center, June 29 - July 2, 2020. It’s going to be a great week! We look forward...

by Calvary Global Network - 1 month ago

When Leaders Lead 2020: Vision!

"Welcome to our 10th annual When Leaders Lead Women’s Conference! This conference offers an opportunity for you will be refreshed, restored, and renewed to lead and serve God with passion and purpose. We will have powerful and insightful Bible teaching, as well as workshops that will equip you to move forward to fulfill God’s call on your life. This year our theme is "VISION!" taken from Habakkuk 2:2: Write the vi...

by Calvary Global Network - 3 months ago

Announcing the CGN Leadership Team

After three years of seeking the Lord, building relationships, and trusting in God's providential care, we are excited to present to you the Calvary Global Network Leadership Team! As Calvary Chapels, we welcome other like-minded churches to partner with CGN as we commit to the Great Commission both in 2020 and beyond. ...

by Calvary Global Network - 9 months ago

Cultivate 2020

In Spring 2020, Calvary Global Network (CGN) is launching CULTIVATE, a One-Year Training & Assessment Experience for Church Planters & Missionaries. What makes CULTIVATE unique? . Access through primarily Online Content Delivery + Personal Interaction . Assessment through Relational + Proven Resources . Mentorship through CG...

by Calvary Global Network - 9 months ago

CGN Statement on Women in Ministry Leadership

The roles and extent to which women engage in ministry leadership and Bible teaching is a point of long-standing discussion and disagreement among professing followers of Jesus. In response to requests from leaders of churches that are part of Calvary Global Network (CGN), this brief statement is intended to offer some clarity on views and practices that fall within the parameters of CGN’s official theological pos...