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Apply to School of Worship for 2020-2021!

SCHOOL OF WORSHIP at a glance Since 2002, the School of Worship has existed with the primary goal of training and discipling those called to minister through music and the media arts. We begin a new nine-month certification program every fall, and accept students from around the world. Classes are held in Costa Mesa, California, and all of our course credits transfer to Calvary Chapel Bible College. ...

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School of Worship 2020-2021

School of Worship & Media Arts The School of Worship is a nine-month program designed to equip worship leaders, musicians, and media artists with the tools needed to effectively serve the local church. We offer many classes that not only teach practical musicianship and technical skills, but also help to develop a solid foundation of biblical theology. Our staff includes a variety of gifted and ...

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School of Worship: Is He Worthy?

Scott Cunningham and the students and staff of the Calvary Chapel School of Worship perform a cover remotely of "Is He Worthy", written by Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive. As we continue through the uncertainty of this season, we pray this will serve as a small gesture of encouragement to our audience at Calvary Chapel and Calvary Global Network. God Bless!