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by When She Leads Podcast - 1 week ago

When She leads Podcast - Developing or Revamping a Women's Ministry

In these episodes, we talk through the processes and nuances of developing and bringing new life into a women's ministry. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we discuss the ways we’ve had to readjust or change how we lead women's ministry. ...

by When She Leads Podcast - 1 month ago

Episode 3- "Leading Through Seasons of Doubt"

Today, on When She Leads, we talk through the complexities and nuances of leading through seasons of doubt. We will be discussing some common “doubts” we all experience and some tools we can share with others to help them come to a better understanding of God’s goodness and sovereignty. This will hopefully help them become more confident, not in their faith, but in the object of their faith, God Himself, who conti...

by When She Leads Podcast - 2 months ago

Episode 2 - When She Leads Podcast

Enjoy episode 2 of the new When She Leads Podcast! When She Leads is a podcast for women in ministry hosted by Brenda Leavenworth. With over 30 years of ministry experience and a degree in biblical studies, Brenda is uniquely qualified to train and guide the next generation of women leaders in the church. Co-hosts include Jenn Benham, Jody Ponce, Rosemary Cady, and Kelly Bell, each bringing their collect...