2017 Pastors & Leaders Conference by Calvary Chapel | CGN(31 shows found)

Building the Kingdom: Biblical Unity in the Body of Christ - Mark Foreman, Rob Salvato

Unity. We all believe in it but what does it look like and how does it honestly happen? What if interchurch unity was actually a vital, practical strategy to advance the fingerprints of God in our communities? This workshop will focus on how we can advance God's presence in our communities by joining forces with other pastors and churches. Pastoring can be a team sport (different churches wearing the same jersey) rat...

Marriage & Ministry: We're in This Together - Bill, Joy Welsh

With over forty years in ministry, we will talk about what we've learned so far, including: God's calling us into this work as a team; being in over our head, but never over His; God's faithfulness every step of the way; our first church we are called to pastor is our family; never regretting our response to God's call on our lives.

A Christian Response to Homosexuality - Dr. Christopher Yuan

Sexual identity is one of the most relevant topics of our day. Most know someone who is gay. How can Christians better engage with our loved ones and friends in the LGBT community? How does the gospel (sin, repentance, and redemption) influence the conversation around sexual identity? Without any compromise of truth or grace, Dr. Christopher Yuan combines his life experiences and his theological training in biblical ...

Pastoral Transition - Daniel Fusco, Bill Ritchie, Dr. Dave Rolph, Clay Worrell

Pastoral transition is inevitable for every church. Sooner or later, if the Lord tarries, there needs to be a pastoral succession plan in place in order for any church to survive. In this workshop, we will be discussing transition strategy from the perspective of the pastor transitioning out and the pastor transitioning in. The panel of pastors leading this workshop have experience in transition in many contexts: suc...

Responding to Muslims - Samy Tanagho

We will take a look at the big picture in light of what has been happening in the world and at God’s perspective: How we should feel, think, and most importantly, what our actions should be.

What do you have? - Maureen Schaffer

Sometimes we feel inadequate for the works the Lord has called us to walk in. We can be intimidated, insecure, overwhelmed, or compare ourselves with others we consider more qualified. What truths did God speak to some of His leaders when they felt they were no match for the tasks at hand?

Small Town Ministry - Jeff Fadness

“Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people" (Matthew 9:35). In this workshop, we will discuss the challenges of small-town dynamics and the effects that it can have on the pastor and ministry. Whether you’ve relocated and are planting in a new small town, or are homegrown and past...

Suffering and the Ministry - Brian Brodersen, Richard Cimino

When we think of pastoral ministry, we think of things like sermon preparation, preaching and teaching, outreach and mission; we think of impacting our communities and the world with the gospel. We rarely ever think seriously about the reality of suffering in the ministry. In this workshop, Pastors Brian Brodersen and Richard Cimino will share how the teaching of Scripture, the subsequent history of the church, and y...