2018 Pastors & Leaders Conference by Calvary Chapel | CGN(23 shows found)

Workshop Audio: The Pathology of Moral Failure & the Path to Restoration

With speakers, Richard Cimino & Chris McCarrick: All of us have heard the stories of lives and churches wrecked by moral failure within church leadership. Some of us know men who have fallen, know their wives and children, know those who served alongside of them, know people in those churches, and we’re at a loss for words to describe the carnage that followed. Perhaps some of us are the ones who have fallen. This wo...

Workshop Audio: Culture, Art, Theology & The Prophetic Voice of the Church

With speaker, Thomas Terry: Did you know that most people under the age of 30 self-identify as a creative? Do you understand how and why creatives think the way they do? Did you know that creatives typically feel disconnected from the local church and that many artists in the church wrestle with their Christian identity? How can you as a pastor provide healthy discipleship for the artists in your church and help them...

Workshop: Ministry Methods & Cultural Adaption

With speakers, Brian Brodersen, Nate Holdridge & Bill Welsh: The Gospel is truly “One-Size-Fits-All”, our method of delivering the Good News is not. In this workshop, we will discuss 4 stages of cultural adaptation in developing appropriate ministry models: “Observe, Prepare, Engage, and Nurture”.