Living Grace by Cheryl Brodersen

Season 7 : Episode 8

Struggling with Forgiveness?

On this episode of “Living Grace,” guest Jill Bates shares her personal journey in understanding the power to forgive. Jill both challenges and encourages us to press through those hurts and remember that all things are truly possible with God. Jill presents advice, including a willingness to forgive, realization of our own need, personal connection to God (prayer) & more that will lead to God-given benefits in forgi...

Season 7 : Episode 7

Muslim, Jesus and the Great Commission

Guest Jila Adel addresses the joy of the Lord, Muslim religion and the Great Commission on this episode of “Living Grace.” As Jila recalls in this episode from Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Season 7 : Episode 6

Adultery, Restoration and Dealing with Discontentment

We’ve all experienced “Greener Grass Syndrome,” where we think something on the other side of our situation will make us happy. Guest Nancy Anderson shares her story of how her Christian marriage turned upside down when unhappiness turned to a willful affair. But as we read in John 8, Jesus acted in grace, mercy and forgiveness to the woman caught in adultery from that account. Watch as Nancy explains the amazing res...

Season 7 : Episode 5

Does God Actually Hear Me?

Praying and seeking God may sometimes appear pointless, quite honestly. Does God truly abide by His word in Matthew 7:7? Don’t miss this amazing testimony of guest Andreea Hogan’s marriage and family as God has proven He was listening to her prayers all along, time and again!

Season 7 : Episode 4

Ministry in Your Backyard

Some of us believe that “missions” work only happens in a far off location and in a different cultural context. Guest Kelly Bell reminds us that God can provide mission opportunities right where we are. Kelly tells of her experience with Calvary Murrieta’s outreach to victims of human trafficking. She shares unique stories, signs to look for in victims, ways you can be involved & more! Visit

Season 7 : Episode 3

The Psalty Story

Enjoy this special edition of “Living Grace” as Debby Rettino, cofounder of Psalty’s Kids, shares what led to the creation of Psalty and reveals what audience she and her husband were secretly targeting. You will not want to miss it!

Season 7 : Episode 2

An Unexpected Mission Field

As we begin a new season of “Living Grace,” host Cheryl Brodersen invites guest Miray Jaksa to share about her unexpected mission field through parenting her lovely daughter with special needs. Although there are rough seasons, Miray shares about the beautiful moments of ministry, friendship and HOPE that God has poured out through this experience. If you wish to learn more about Hope Outreach Ministry, visit calvary...

Season 7 : Episode 1

Living Grace Season 7 Launch: Living in God’s Providence

Welcome to a new season of “Living Grace”! We are excited to launch this season with guest Nancy DeMoss Wulgemuth. As Nancy articulates, God is writing your story. Be encouraged that not only does God write your story, but He will also RIGHT your story. He will guide you through the good and the bad, with the hope of eternity (John 14:3). God’s providence in your life is sure and steady. Check out Nancy’s story thr...

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