Things That Matter - Season 1 by Brian Brodersen(22 shows found)

Season 1 : Episode 22

TTM 22 - Season 1 Review

Pastor Brian and Josh conclude season one by tracing back and highlighting topics covered such as women in ministry, racism, international movements and much more. As season one closes, we are excited to launch season two in the New Year!

Season 1 : Episode 21

TTM 21 - Five Recommended Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great resource for news, information and personal edification, especially for those in ministry. There are so many podcasts available today, it's hard to discover them all. In this episode, Pastor Brian talks to Josh about five podcasts he recommends, which range from Albert Mohler's "The Briefing" to the U.K. based "Quantum of Solas."

Season 1 : Episode 20

TTM 20 - Defining Calvary Chapel Global Network

Pastor Brian explains what the Calvary Chapel Global Network is and gives details as to how the network will be led, what it will look like being a part of the network and what resources will be provided as well.

Season 1 : Episode 19

TTM Episode 19 - Innovation and Church Planting

Pastor Brian and Josh discuss church planting. While planting a church may be exciting for a pastor, it is often so easy to burn out when church growth performs slowly. Simply put, God is who brings church growth. It is not based on the models or programs used, but it is a matter of the heart. Remain steadfast in your pastoral ministry and let the Lord lead.

Season 1 : Episode 17

TTM Episode 17 - Ministry in Israel

On this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian and Josh discuss the tours and ministry currently happening in Israel, looking ahead toward future events and prophecies yet to be fulfilled.

Season 1 : Episode 16

TTM Episode 16 - Tips on Preparing a Sermon

In this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian provides different tips on how to prepare for a sermon, from studying for the sermon to final prep before giving the sermon.

Season 1 : Episode 15

TTM Episode 15 - Communicating in the 21st Century

In this edition of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian and Josh discuss the importance of utilizing modern methods of communication, and the benefits of various social media platforms.

Season 1 : Episode 14

TTM Episode 14 - Revisiting Sexual Ethics

In this edition of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian and Josh revisit the topics of sexual ethics and gay marriage, as well as discuss the recent decision InterVarsity made for their staff.

Season 1 : Episode 13

TTM Episode 13 - Women in Ministry

Women in ministry is the topic of discussion in this edition of Things That Matter. Pastor Brian and Josh discuss the role of women in the church and how they can exercise their spiritual gifts.