Things That Matter - Season 1 by Brian Brodersen(22 shows found)

Season 1 : Episode 11

TTM Episode 11 - Overcoming Anxiety

Apple has recently created an app called “Breathe” to help users manage their stress levels. The creation of this app acknowledges that anxiety is a real issue in our culture for Christians and non-Christians alike. Pastor Brian and Josh discuss what the Bible says about anxiety and how to overcome this epidemic in this episode of Things That Matter.

Season 1 : Episode 8

TTM Episode 8 - Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare

Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare are the topics of discussion in this week’s episode of Things That Matter. Pastor Brian and Josh give insight on what spiritual warfare looks like in the life of a Christian and analyze Richard Gallagher’s article titled, “As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession.”

Season 1 : Episode 7

TTM Episode 7 - Lay Leader Training and Discipleship

Lay leaders have an integral role in the church body. In this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian and Josh answer the question, “How important is it for a church to train and disciple their lay leaders?”

Season 1 : Episode 3

TTM Episode 3 - Atheism

Atheism is the topic of discussion in this edition of Things That Matter. Pastor Brian and Josh address how Christians should engage Atheists in Western Society and review Larry Alex Taunton’s book, “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World's Most Notorious Atheist.”

Season 1 : Episode 2

TTM Episode 2 - Pastors Conference Recap

In this week’s episode, Pastor Brian and Josh deliver a recap of the 2016 Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference. The Pastors Conference featured a variety of pastors and speakers who spoke on an array of topics including the conference theme of “Grace and Truth,” current cultural trends, society’s impact on the church and how the church should respond.