Things That Matter - Season 2 by Brian Brodersen(29 shows found)

Season 2 : Episode 21

TTM S2 E21 - Efrem Buckle on the Challenges of Urban Ministry in London

On this episode of "Things That Matter," Pastor Efrem Buckle of Ecclēsia in South London presents the challenges of ministry in the complex, urban & cosmopolitan culture of London. Efrem shares his experience & view on not only the complexity of this “city of cities,” but he also discusses the recent acts of terror within the city. Enjoy this first part of a two part series with Efrem!

Season 2 : Episode 20

TTM S2 E20 - Rick Warren on Suffering & the Ministry

Suffering is an inescapable reality. Pastor Brian Brodersen and Pastor Rick Warren discuss the aspects of suffering that often occur in full-time ministry. Pastor Rick shares three areas of suffering that he has continuously dealt with throughout his pastoral career. Whether you are involved in full-time ministry or not, be encouraged that the Lord will provide incomprehensible strength that only He can give through ...

Season 2 : Episode 19

TTM S2 E19 - Ryan Ries on the Good News for a Lost Generation

On this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews Ryan Ries of the Whosoevers. Ryan briefly shares his powerful testimony but mainly focuses on the example Jesus gave as He reached out to people in very dark places of the time, such as the ancient city of Caesarea Philippi. We each have a calling from the Lord, and Ryan encourages us to seek the Lord towards that calling, as there will be oppor...

Season 2 : Episode 18

TTM S2 E18 - Dr. Dominick Hernández on Ancient Hebrew Scriptures & Modern Day Israel

On this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian Brodersen and Dr. Dominick Hernández discuss the pursuit of higher education and the relevance of Semitic Philology studies to interpreting the Scriptures in today’s post-modern setting. He shares the perspective he gained from studying ancient Semitic Philology, while living in modern Israel, where the minority of the population are religious. Dr. Hernández is curr...

Season 2 : Episode 17

TTM S2 E17 - Matt Redman on Worship and the Glory of God

On this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews worship leader and music artist, Matt Redman, known for many popular worship songs such as “The Heart of Worship,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” and “10,000 Reasons.” In this video, Matt shares some great advice to worship leaders, and he expresses a powerful reminder to view worship as an act of reverence, respect and wonder before the Lord.

Season 2 : Episode 15

TTM S2 E15 - What Does It Mean to Preach the Whole Counsel of God?

We change things up a bit on this episode of Things That Matter as Pastor Brian Brodersen is interviewed by Kellen Criswell, content manager of and director of the Calvary Global Network, as they discuss the whole counsel of God. Pastor Brian answers a few questions of what it means, where to find it in the Scriptures and some different approaches to teach the whole counsel of God.

Season 2 : Episode 14

TTM S2 E14 - Mike Chaddick on Assuming Leadership of an Existing Church

Pastor Mike Chaddick joins Pastor Brian Brodersen on this episode of Things That Matter as they discuss the process of assuming the leadership of an existing church. Pastor Mike was asked to assume a church four years ago in South Orange County called Image Church. Within this discussion, Pastor Mike also shares a few of his personal experiences since he started at Image Church. Don’t miss out on this excellent editi...

Season 2 : Episode 13

TTM S2 E13 - Carl Westerlund on the Life Span of a Church

Pastor Brian Brodersen talks with Carl Westerlund, founder of the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa School of Ministry, and 30-year Calvary Chapel pastor, about the life cycle of local churches, and the need to plant new churches alongside established churches on this episode of Things That Matter!

Season 2 : Episode 12

TTM S2 E12 - Rick Warren and Reaching the Nations with the Gospel

There are 197 nations in the world, including Taiwan and Serbia, who are not a part of the U.N. Pastor Rick Warren discusses the vision to reach all nations of the world with the gospel message. He discusses the strategy that was created to do so, called the Peace Plan, and explains each part of this strategy on this episode of Things That Matter.