Things That Matter - Season 2 by Brian Brodersen(29 shows found)

Season 2 : Episode 11

TTM S2 E11 - Rick Warren on the Unexpected Success of The Purpose Driven Life

On this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor Rick Warren continues in this second part of his interview. Pastor Rick shares about his book, The Purpose Driven Life, as he explains the writing process of the book, his reaction to the success of the book and his choice to give most of the profit away. He continues by explaining how “purposed” he was to keep his perspective on the Lord and strive to keep the success of...

Season 2 : Episode 9

TTM S2 E9 - Joel Goldberg on the Culture of Israel & Youth Ministry

Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews Joel Goldberg, director of Netivah Youth Ministry, based in Israel, on this episode of Things That Matter. Joel grew up in an unique situation of having a Messianic Jewish background in Israel. He expresses the challenges of that situation; however, Joel is also able to see the work that God was doing to prepare him for Netivah that he now directs, geared towards teenagers. Joel prov...

Season 2 : Episode 8

TTM S2 E8 - Dr. Joe Holden on Seminary, Biblical Authority and Holding Fast to Inerrancy

On this episode of Things That Matter, president of Veritas Evangelical Seminary, Dr. Joe Holden, discusses with host, Pastor Brian Brodersen, on the current discourse toward seminaries today in the U.S. By explaining his personal story from being a quiet young man, to a Bible college teacher, speaker, author and president of VES, Dr. Holden encourages others to heed the opportunities God has for them. Dr. Holden clo...

Season 2 : Episode 7

TTM S2 E7 - Aaron Campbell on the Impact of Urban Ministry

From being a committed humanist, determined that life was centered on the material, with an inner city background, Pastor Aaron Campbell never would have thought he would accept Jesus as his Lord and savior and pastor Antioch Christian Fellowship in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Discussing the dynamics of inner city community, Aaron shares his testimony and experiences as a pastor in urban ministry. Enjoy ...

Season 2 : Episode 6

TTM S2 E6 - Jeff Jackson on Missions & Culture in the Twenty-First Century

What does cross-cultural ministry look like in the twenty-first century? Pastor Jeff Jackson, founder of Shepherd Staff Mission Facilitators, shares his passion of how culture matters in both local and international missions. Don’t miss this episode of Things That Matter as Pastor Jeff shares not only his passion for cross-cultural ministry, but also how to understand what culture means to the younger generations.

Season 2 : Episode 5

TTM S2 E5 - Dr. Christopher Yuan on Sexuality, Transformation & Holiness: Vault

Dr. Christopher Yuan shares his testimony from leading a gay lifestyle to being a born-again believer and professor at Moody Bible Institute. Rather than only focus on the topic of sexuality, Dr. Yuan emphasizes the need for holiness. Dr. Yuan shares his thoughts on culture and Christianity in the twenty-first century that you won’t want to miss on this episode!

Season 2 : Episode 3

TTM S2 E3 - The Reality of Heaven and Happiness: Vault

How real is heaven to you? Even as believers, is heaven just a concept that we read or study in the Word rather than a real, ultimate destination? We read about joy and hope God infuses within us towards, not only heaven, but also to carry us through the ups and downs of this life. Do we truly LIVE this reality out for others to see? Pastor Brian Brodersen considers such truths in a discussion with author, Randy Al...

Season 2 : Episode 2

TTM S2 E2 - Brian Brodersen Interviews John Lennox: Vault

Scientist and mathematician professor at Oxford University, Dr. John Lennox, shares his experiences and background as a means to explain the authority of the gospel message, and its profound accuracy that cuts through contemporary atheistic thought. Pastor Brian Brodersen and Dr. Lennox discuss the great need for believers to understand the importance of engagement and asking questions to those in their community alo...