Things That Matter - Season 3 by Brian Brodersen(9 shows found)

Season 3 : Episode 9

TTMS3E9: Knowing & Reaching Your Community

As we close season three of “Things That Matter,” we are excited to have Pastor Bill Buffington of Calvary Chapel Inglewood share on the vision and ministry happening in Inglewood, CA, and reaching young people in his inner-city community.

Season 3 : Episode 8

TTM S03E08: Bible Study: Practical Approaches to Study, Meditate and Grow in Understanding God’s Word

Studying the Bible: How do we do that? Where do we start? How do we understand the historical context of the Bible? Andy Deane, Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA, shares insight on approaching a study time in God’s Word without feeling overwhelmed. Enjoy this episode as Andy shares different ways to study the Bible with the ultimate blessing of deepening our relationship with Jesus. Andy has al...

Season 3 : Episode 7

TTM S3E07: Redemption, Comedy, the Gaza Strip and the Refugee Crisis

Enjoy this episode of “Things That Matter” as host Pastor Brian Brodersen shares many laughs with guest comedian Nazareth Rizkallah. Having grown up in the Gaza Strip and moved to the U.S. as a young man, Nazareth shares his testimony that brought Him to salvation. He uniquely provides insight to the tension between Israel and Palestine and how the Lord opened the opportunity to minster to refugee families through th...

Season 3 : Episode 6

TTM S3E06: The Gospel, The Bible & the Holy Spirit

Whether involved in full-time ministry or not, it is vital as believers to understand the importance of both the power of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. On this episode of “Things That Matter,” Pastor Ray Bentley of Maranatha Chapel talks about this important topic and uses powerful examples from Pastor Chuck Smith, Billy Graham and even in his own experience. Both he and host Pastor Brian ...

Season 3 : Episode 5

TTM S3E05: A Conversation on Pastoral Succession

As a pastoral leader, have you thought about retirement, the future of your church, succession? On this episode of “Things That Matter,” Pastor Brian Brodersen talks with Pastor Dave Rolph of Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills, CA, about pastoral transitions and succession of ministry. Dave shares that those in pastoral leadership should not be afraid to plan for retirement and ignore the practicality of life until Jesus' ...

Season 3 : Episode 4

TTM S3E04: Engaging Inner City Culture

Engaging the culture is vital as a believer to listen and understand the struggles of the community as we share the gospel message and seek to be available to minister. Pastor Tommy Cota of Hope Alive Church in Santa Ana, CA, shares his experience with God opening doors in Santa Ana through school programs like Released Time Education, a contract with the Department of Education and more that have led to connections ...

Season 3 : Episode 3

TTM S3E03: Marijuana: Just because it's legal doesn't make it right

Marijuana. Is it good for you? What impact does it have on your brain? Does it contain a nutritional value? Is there an answer in the Bible that addresses Marijuana? Pastor Brian Brodersen discusses these questions with Dr. Lu Wing as the U.S. culture is becoming infused with legalized Marijuana use. Dr. Wing, a practicing toxicologist, scientist and pastor, addresses the medical, recreational and Biblical perspectiv...

Season 3 : Episode 2

TTM S3E02: A Pastor's Wife: Finding Your Identity in Christ, Rather Than in Your Calling

As a pastor’s wife, do you feel a burden of perfection in your ministry and home life? Enjoy this episode of Things That Matter as Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews his wife, Cheryl Brodersen, on being a pastor’s wife. Cheryl breaks down the difference between “identity" and “role” and encourages women, whether as a pastor’s wife or not, to place their identity in Jesus Christ alone. Once He is placed as the central ...

Season 3 : Episode 1

TTM S3E01: "Operation World" & The State of Modern Missions

Welcome to season three of Things That Matter. We pray that you are encouraged as we start a new topic-driven season. We begin our first episode with Pastor Brian Brodersen interviewing Patrick Johnstone. Patrick is the author of Operation World, which is a compilation of data on missions from around the globe. This book provides valuable information as a reference and guide for prayer. Patrick expounds on the origin...