Things That Matter - Season 4 by Brian Brodersen(8 shows found)

Season 4 : Episode 8

Things That Matter: The Use and Abuse of Power in the Church

To close this season of “Things That Matter,” host Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews Kyle Strobel, professor at Talbot Seminary and coauthor of the book, “The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb: Searching for Jesus' Path of Power in a Church that Has Abandoned It.” Kyle and Brian discuss insight from great preachers and theologians, such as Jonathon Edwards, J.I. Packer and more! Kyle also defines spiritual for...

Season 4 : Episode 7

Things That Matter: Truth in a Post-Christian World

On this episode of “Things That Matter,” host Pastor Brian Brodersen is in studio with Sean McDowell, apologist and author of several books including coauthor of the latest edition of “Evidence That Demands A Verdict” with renowned father, Josh McDowell. Brian and Sean discuss thoughts on “truth” and how to reflect the truth of God’s word in a post-Christian world. From sharing concerns that Christian parents have to...

Season 4 : Episode 6

Things That Matter: Discipling, Engaging and Influencing Creatives

On this episode of “Things That Matter,” Thomas Terry of Humble Beast Records addresses the current state of our culture, as creativity is idolized and worshiped. Thomas stresses the need for the church to invest into creatives, disciple them and influence them toward a biblical worldview. In doing so, they may be equipped to use their gifts for the furtherance of the gospel. Learn more about Humble Beast Records and...

Season 4 : Episode 5

Things That Matter: Going Where God Calls You to Go

Hear from Pastor Ray Dash of the Rock Christian Fellowship in Newark, New Jersey, as he talks about his story of salvation, the ministry God led Ray to, and his petition for you to not give up in ministry. Have you felt God’s call stir within you? As God calls and leads you, go!

Season 4 : Episode 4

Things that Matter: Doing Church in the LGBT Community

Serving in a highly dense population with a huge emphasis of the LGBT community, Justin Thomas of Calvary of the Hill in Seattle, Washington, shares on this episode of “Things That Matter” that so often the Church can tend to people with certain issues but ignore others if the issue is too “messy.” Justin reminds us that we are doing life alongside a variety of people who all need to know the love of Christ.

Season 4 : Episode 3

Things That Matter: Gospel Ministry and the Church in Brazil

Enjoy this episode of “Things that Matter” as host Pastor Brian Brodersen discusses with Pastor Diego Bitencourt about the culture and ministry happening in Brazil. Through his testimony, Diego shares about his experiences on pastoring in Campo Mourão, Brazil, and provides context for any who may feel led to minister in Brazil.

Season 4 : Episode 2

Things That Matter: The Church, Systems & “No Silver Bullets”

On this episode of “Things That Matter,” guest Pastor Daniel Im of and author of the book, No Silver Bullets, discusses the approach of systems when speaking on ministry as the Church. Daniel gives examples of natural systems such as a root system in a forest, the solar system, and even systems in our own human anatomy that leads to his point of how God clearly likes systems. He gives an example of sp...

Season 4 : Episode 1

Things That Matter: Moving Out of Your Ministry Comfort Zone & The Paul Initiative

Welcome to season 4 of “Things That Matter!” We are excited to share many new episodes as host Pastor Brian Brodersen discusses current events, cultural trends and other things that matter to Christians. On this episode, Pastor Ed Hickey of Calvary Chapel London in Ontario, Canada, discusses the need for ministry leaders and the Church to be available for the “next opportunity.” Ed planted a church in the Sunshine C...