Things That Matter - Season 5 by Brian Brodersen(8 shows found)

Season 5 : Episode 5

Things That Matter: The Pastor as an Evangelist

On this special miniseries of “Things That Matter”, Pastors Richard Cimino, Brian Brodersen and John Hwang have been discussing topics on Pastoral Ministry. As a pastor or ministry leader, how do you process the command to do the work of the evangelist and do the work of your ministry? As 2 Timothy 4:5 declares, every leader in ministry has the responsibility of an evangelist, a herald of good news. Enjoy this ep...

Season 5 : Episode 3

Things That Matter: Pastoral Ministry: The Pastor as a Student

How has being a pastor shaped you as being a student in God's Word? And what does that look like on a practical level? Currently, Pastors Brian Brodersen, Richard Cimino and John Hwang discuss Pastoral Ministry on this miniseries panel discussion. We are focusing on the second part, “The Pastor as a Student,” on this episode of “Things That Matter.”

Season 5 : Episode 2

Things That Matter: Pastoral Ministry: The Pastor as a Christian

Am I seeking Jesus? Am I preaching to myself, as well as to other people from the pulpit? Welcome to a new miniseries on pastoral ministry with Pastors Brian Brodersen, John Hwang and Richard Cimino. This first installment is titled, “The Pastor as a Christian.”

Season 5 : Episode 1

Things That Matter: Wisdom & Grace in the Age of Outrage

Welcome to a new season of “Things That Matter!” We look forward to sharing many discussions on theology, culture and current events! Host Pastor Brian Brodersen is joined with Dr. Ed Stetzer of Wheaton College and “Christianity Today,” as they discuss the rise of social media and its effect on evangelicalism, particularly in American culture. Dr. Stetzer has written a book, “Christians in the Age of Outrage” and ...