Things That Matter - Season 6 by Brian Brodersen(8 shows found)

Season 6 : Episode 8

Best of Series: Randy Alcorn on the Reality of Heaven and Happiness

How real is heaven to you? Even as believers, is heaven just a concept that we read or study in the Word rather than a real, ultimate destination? We read about joy and hope God infuses within us towards, not only heaven, but also to carry us through the ups and downs of this life. Do we truly LIVE this reality out for others to see? Pastor Brian Brodersen considers such truths in a discussion with author, Randy Alco...

Gospel - Season 6 : Episode 7

Best Of Series Dr. Gerry Breshears on Theology and Training Men in Ministry

On this "Best Of" episode, Dr. Gerry Breshears of Western Seminary shares two theological trends that have caught his attention. One has been that of local pastors coming alongside to serve their city in the name of Jesus. He also discusses "Theological Tribalism," which has become a trend of "meanness" amongst believers in various evangelical groups. Pastor Brian and Dr. Breshears conclude by talking about the cohor...

Season 6 : Episode 6

Best of Series: Dr. Paul Tripp on the Depth of God's Grace

On this "Best Of" episode, Dr. Paul Tripp and Pastor Brian Brodersen discuss that no one is ever a “grace graduate.” So often those in pastoral ministry experience graceless living because they can "Improperly equate biblical knowledge, theological ability and success in ministry as spiritual maturity.” We hope you are encouraged by this episode.

Season 6 : Episode 5

Best Of Series: Matt Redman on the “Heart of Worship”

Enjoy this “Best Of” episode with music artist, Matt Redman, known for “10,000 Reasons,” “Heart of Worship” and more. Matt shares experiences and lessons he learned from God’s call in worship ministry that present a value to all believers.

Season 6 : Episode 3

Best of Series: Cheryl Brodersen on the Role of a Pastor's Wife

On this “Best Of” series, Cheryl Brodersen joins Pastor Brian Brodersen in a discussion on the role of pastor’s wife. Cheryl addresses terms like “identity” versus “role,” and shares some encouraging thoughts for women and men. Enjoy this special highlight from “Things That Matter!”

Season 6 : Episode 2

Best of Series: David Guzik on Bible Study

Enjoy this episode of “Things That Matter” as Pastor David Guzik talks with Pastor Brian Brodersen on Bible exposition, studying the scriptures and Bible commentaries. David and Brian encourage both pastors/Bible teachers, and by extension all believers, to simply keep digging into the Word and delight in it as Psalm 119 proclaims. Enjoy David’s commentary and other resources at