Things That Matter - Season 6 by Brian Brodersen(5 shows found)

Season 6 : Episode 5

Best Of Series: Matt Redman on the “Heart of Worship”

Enjoy this “Best Of” episode with music artist, Matt Redman, known for “10,000 Reasons,” “Heart of Worship” and more. Matt shares experiences and lessons he learned from God’s call in worship ministry that present a value to all believers.

Season 6 : Episode 3

Best of Series: Cheryl Brodersen on the Role of a Pastor's Wife

On this “Best Of” series, Cheryl Brodersen joins Pastor Brian Brodersen in a discussion on the role of pastor’s wife. Cheryl addresses terms like “identity” versus “role,” and shares some encouraging thoughts for women and men. Enjoy this special highlight from “Things That Matter!”

Season 6 : Episode 2

Best of Series: David Guzik on Bible Study

Enjoy this episode of “Things That Matter” as Pastor David Guzik talks with Pastor Brian Brodersen on Bible exposition, studying the scriptures and Bible commentaries. David and Brian encourage both pastors/Bible teachers, and by extension all believers, to simply keep digging into the Word and delight in it as Psalm 119 proclaims. Enjoy David’s commentary and other resources at