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"Humor Me: How to Add Comedy to Your Brain, Your Life, & Your Message!"

by Joel Turner

Calvary Publishing & Calvary Global Network present "Humor Me: How to Add Comedy to Your Brain, Your Life, & Your Message." Written by Joel Turner of Mountain Springs Calvary Chapel, this book seeks to come alongside Christians & ministry leaders to share an understanding between humor & hope:

"But seriously … do you want to communicate clearly and keep people really listening to everything you say? Humor can bridge that gap! Through personal life experiences and self-deprecating humor, Joel charms and disarms the reader while teaching the foundational principles of humor in an easy-to-understand way. He uses humor to grab the reader’s attention all while teaching principles that can be learned and applied to teaching, preaching and communicating confidently.

  • Discover technical fundamentals of humor and comedy
  • Learn practical tools for growing in humor
  • Add humor to your message and your life
  • Uncover what makes something funny
  • Make the spiritual connection between humor and evangelism"
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Joel Turner

​Prior to the Lord's calling him into the ministry, Joel was a comedian in western Canada. He now divides his time between evangelism and teaching at Mountain Springs.