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Living Grace S3 E2: The Unseen Trial

by Cheryl Brodersen

Season 3 - Episode 2 Audio only

On this episode of Living Grace, Cheryl Brodersen interviews the lovely Molly Kelley, who has taught high school English, conducted a Bible class for high school girls and speaks at women's ministry events and conferences. Molly has known her share of challenges and trials as she has battled an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, for several years that affects her daily responsibilities tremendously. Molly and Cheryl discuss the topic of suffering, emphasizing trials that are invisible to everyone else, those "private crosses." Mental warfare, spiritual attacks and physical weakness prey on the believer in the midst of a trial. Molly shares how Jesus pulled her through the darkest moments of her suffering and has transformed her identity from being only "Molly" to an identity of being established in His "grace" for herself and others.

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Cheryl Brodersen

Cheryl Brodersen currently oversees the Joyful Life women's Bible study at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.