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Living Grace S3 E3: Reaching Sex Trafficking Victims

by Cheryl Brodersen

Season 3 - Episode 3 Audio only

On this episode of Living Grace, Cheryl Brodersen interviews Shannon Forsythe who started a ministry with her husband called Run 2 Rescue. This is a powerful ministry of reaching young girls stuck in sex trafficking to provide a way out of the lifestyle. Shannon shares stories that prove the power of Christ over this intense situation. She also provides necessary information on the current plight of sex trafficking in Southern California, and how these young girls, and sometimes young boys, are often drawn into the lifestyle more often than kidnapped. “The darkness is real, but God is greater,” Shannon proclaims, and she finishes by sharing the real battle is spiritual and in the mind. If you would like to learn more or support Run 2 Rescue, visit

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Cheryl Brodersen

Cheryl Brodersen currently oversees the Joyful Life women's Bible study at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.