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Missions Conference 2020: The Church That God Plants

Church Planting

by Calvary Chapel

Missions Conference 2020: The Church That God Plants

Why plant churches?

This question will be addressed at the Calvary Chapel Global Missions 2020 Conference and will go in depth about what church planting is, why its worth it for the Church to invest in missions and more! As a movement that has been missions-minded from the beginning, Calvary Chapel is excited to have you come and see how the Lord will speak and move! The conference hosts many missionaries from around the world, so this will be an opportunity to personally meet, talk and pray with them!

The conference speakers have 20+ experience in the mission field and are excited to be a part of this conference! It will run from Monday, January 6, to Friday, January 10, at the Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center in Murrieta, California.

Please join us in Southern California at the start of the New Year for a time of edification, fellowship and refreshment.