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The Link: Prayer for Syrian & Chinese Christians, Thank God for Western Values, What Happened to Missional & More!

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: Prayer for Syrian & Chinese Christians, Thank God for Western Values, What Happened to Missional & More!

"Chinese Police Beat 60 Christians, Close Church and then Bury Bibles"Christian Headlines"More than 100 Chinese police officers and SWAT team members closed a newly constructed church and beat dozens of Christians who were guarding it, and then buried Bibles and hymnbooks before leaving."

""Syrian Believers Proclaim: ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’"Open Doors
"Christians from Aleppo: 'Every day, we live the resurrection' Three years ago, the church in Syria was all but dead. The vicious civil war and invasion by Islamic State militants threatened the very existence of Christianity. But our partners on the ground say the story is changing and continues to transform. God is resurrecting the church in Syria."

"Thank God for western values"The Spectator
"The debt of the West to Christianity is more deeply rooted than many might presume."

"Ed Stetzer on Whatever Happened to Missional?"– For the Church Podcast
"On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson visits with Ed Stetzer about the state of "missional" in the evangelical church."

"The Resurrection Answers 3 Big Questions"Sean McDowell
"In this short post, I have a modest goal: to persuade you of the monumental importance of the resurrection of Jesus. Thus, I consider three massive questions that the resurrection, if it is true, answers."

"In this article, I want to share with you five reasons I believe Jesus' resurrection actually took place."

"Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren is Focused on Keeping Religion Relevant 40 years After His First Easter Service" The OC Register
'''Kay and I made this crazy promise when we were 25 years old that we would give 40 years to one location, that we wouldn’t move and that we wouldn’t be tempted to go to another church,' Warren said Thursday, April 18. 'I’ve been offered all kinds of different jobs with Christian organizations, seminaries and denominations. I’ve never moved and as I stood up at the first service this year, I’m thinking we did it, we kept our promise, we gave 40 years to one place and I’ve loved these people.'”

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