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The Link: Ravi Zacharias, Theology in COVID-19, CCBC Europe Move & More!

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The Link: Ravi Zacharias, Theology in COVID-19, CCBC Europe Move & More!

"An Update on Ravi Zacharias’s Cancer"RZIM
"RZIM’s CEO, Sarah Davis, shared this update with our [their] global staff."

"What Theological Hills Should We Be Willing to Die On?"The Gospel Coalition
"For pastors, there are two types of members who can be particularly onerous. The first is the theological pugilist. For this person, every issue is a hill on which to die. There are no secondary issues—everything is a test of orthodoxy and fellowship. From church music to the deity of Christ, he never met a theological debate he didn’t relish. The second is the theological minimalist. This person doesn’t particularly care for theology; that’s the domain of seminary students and academic theologians."

"What God’s Name Can Teach Us About Faith During COVID-19"Christianity Today
"In some ways, a name is the most intimate way of expressing someone’s identity."

"CCBC Europe is Moving to Tbilisi, Georgia!"
"The Bible college originally began at the castle in Austria which was purchased by Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa more than 25 years ago. As nation after nation began opening up to the gospel with the fall of the Soviet Union, CCBCE then moved to Hungary with a strategic vision to bring the gospel to Eastern Europe. With many of these countries now having national pastors and leaders at the helm of mission-sending churches, the frontier of missions for CCBCE is now moving further East."

"Preaching with Brevity and Clarity"Expositors Collective
"Rob Salvato speaks about the importance of brevity and clarity in our Bible teaching and sermons."

"School of Preaching Online"School of Preaching
"The School of Preaching helps resource, train and empower men and women to communicate God’s Word with conviction, clarity and creativity. We're delighted to announce that the School of Preaching will!"

"Lilias Trotter: Women You Should Know"
"Lilias Trotter (1853-1928): Today we will look at the life of Lilias Trotter, a lovely Victorian woman who gave up her life of privilege and potential fame as an artist to make Jesus known to the Muslims of Algeria."

"Message from the Molecules – They Say 'Intelligent Design'"Discovery Science
"Biology, cosmology, physics, mathematics, computer engineering, chemistry… You could have an interesting argument among proponents of intelligent design about which field of science will ultimately clinch the argument for ID. Famed chemist Marcos Eberlin claims the honor will go to chemistry. Chauvinism, you say?"

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