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The Link: The Napalm Girl, Why did God Command Killing, Billy Graham British Breakthrough, & More

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: The Napalm Girl, Why did God Command Killing, Billy Graham British Breakthrough, & More

"These Bombs Led Me to Christ"- Christianity Today
"The 'Napalm Girl' from a famous Vietnam War photo tells her story of coming to faith.You have seen my picture a thousand times. It’s a picture that made the world gasp—a picture that defined my life. 'I am nine years old, running along a puddled roadway in front of an expressionless soldier, arms outstretched, naked, shrieking in pain and fear, the dark contour of a napalm cloud billowing in the distance.'"

"Why did God command the killing of women and children?"- The Southern Equip
"'God alone is a righteous judge, even when we don't understand how.' Dr. Theodore Cabal, Professor of Christian apologetics at Southern Seminary speaks on one of the toughest questions Christians have faced through the centuries."

"Pastor Greg Laurie: 'Take As Many People As We Can to Heaven With Us'"- CBN NEWS
"Not even 20 years into the 21st century, it seems like time is speeding up and global events happening one on top of the other. Could it be a sign of the end times? These are some of things Greg Laurie preaches about as pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in southern California and as an evangelist at huge Harvest Crusades across the globe. Lately, he's been doing a series on the Book of Daniel, a major prophetic book in the Bible, and told CBN News why: because knowing it will bring a blessing."

"When Billy Took Britain by Storm"- Christianity Today
"Billy Graham's address, based on Habakkuk's prayer that God would revive his work, averred that God was working a modern-day revival through the remarkably fruitful large-scale missions that he had been leading. He was relaxed, humble, God-centered, with a big, clear, warm voice, frequently funny and totally free from the arrogance, dogmatism, and implicit self-promotion that, rightly or wrongly, we Brits had come to expect from American evangelical leaders."

"The Story of Enduring Word"- Enduring Word
A short video telling the story of Enduring Word and David Guzik's commentary on the entire Bible, and a look at future opportunities. does not necessarily endorse or agree with every message or perspective in the diverse pieces posted on The Link. By providing The Link, we hope to help you stay informed of important events and conversations taking place in the world that are relevant to the Christian faith.

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