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TTM S3E05: A Conversation on Pastoral Succession

by Brian Brodersen

Season 3 - Episode 5 Audio only

As a pastoral leader, have you thought about retirement, the future of your church, succession? On this episode of “Things That Matter,” Pastor Brian Brodersen talks with Pastor Dave Rolph of Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills, CA, about pastoral transitions and succession of ministry. Dave shares that those in pastoral leadership should not be afraid to plan for retirement and ignore the practicality of life until Jesus' imminent return. While we look forward to eternity, Dave invites pastors to consider the future of their local church. “A church has always been identified by the community in church history, not by its pastor,” Dave shares. He then closes by reminding leaders that succession and transition does not mean they can no longer participate in ministry. Rather, it opens opportunities for other projects in ministry that could not happen if tied by that leadership role.

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Brian Brodersen

Brian Brodersen is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA, president of Calvary Chapel Bible College and featured speaker on “Back to Basics” radio program.