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Is the Church a Victim of Success, Deconstruction Stories, the Gospel in All Scripture & More

By October 9, 2020Culture2 min read

“Is the Church a Victim of Success? The WEIRD Truth”The Gospel Coalition
“Review: ‘The WEIRDest People in the World’ by Joseph Henrich and ‘Fertility and Faith’ by Philip Jenkins.”

“What’s With all the Deconstruction Stories? With Sean McDowell”The Alisa Childers Podcast
“It seems like every time we turn around there is another high-profile Christian who announces they’ve lost their faith. Why does this seem to be happening now? Sean McDowell joins me to talk about his conversations with deconstructed Christians, the nature and pressure of being a public Christian, and what role that might play in all the deconstruction stories we are seeing.”

“The Healing Power of Listening to God’s Word”Christian Today
“It’s therefore unsurprising to hear reports of worsening mental health problems in our families and communities; many of whom for the first time. So, what are we doing about it?”

“Rebuilders Podcast” Rebuilders
“In this series we look at the meta-shifts occurring in culture as our world enters a new networked age. Through this view, we aim to help leaders, churches and people of faith navigate the complexity of this moment, reframing these challenges as opportunities for renewal.”

“Showing the Gospel in All of Scripture”Expositors Collective
“In this workshop from 2017 Pete, Char and Mike walk through two different interpretive methods of a well known passage of scripture highlighting the difference between a man centered and gospel centered hermeneutic.”

“Rouault and the Masks We Wear”
“That’s the effect Georges Rouault’s paintings had on me when I discovered them. Who is this artist? How does his work speak today?… I’d like to take an apologetic look into one of the themes that moves me: the masks we wear.”

“Lennox Versus Dawkins: ‘Science and Religion as Alternative Explanations’?”Evolution News
“The film highlights debates between Professor Lennox, arguing the case for theism, supported by science, against prominent atheists including Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. The film’s website includes lots of great resources including this gem — the 2008 debate between Dawkins and Lennox, filmed at Oxford’s Natural History Museum!”

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