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Calvary Chapel started as a non-denominational Christian church founded in 1961 in Costa Mesa, California, which in the wake of a move of the Holy Spirit, grew into an international family of over 1700 churches around the world.

This site exists to equip, encourage, and edify the pastors, leaders, and members of the Calvary Chapel family, as well as the larger body of Christ.

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Cultivate: Church Planter training program

The vision of Cultivate is to see these churches planted not haphazardly or in solitude, but in partnership with the local church.

Podcast Episodes

The latest from some of our shows! For more content, check out our podcast Network!

  • Jordan Silva - Unconventional Church Planting
    on May 26, 2023 at 2:30 pm

    Our guest this week is Jordan Silva. Jordan and his wife Jenny are serving as missionaries to Kosovo with their sons Nyle (5), and Cassian (1). God first drew us into international missions in 2012, and we have served short and […]

  • The Feast of Shavuot Pentecost
    on May 26, 2023 at 1:09 pm

    This message explores the Jewish background to the feast of Pentecost. What was really happening in Acts chapter 2 when the Spirit descended on the Church? A fascinating study that will give so much depth to reading Acts 2. Not to be […]

  • The First Gospel: Why Genesis 3 is Key to Understanding the Entire Bible - with Mitch Chase
    on May 25, 2023 at 9:04 am

    Mitchell Chase (PhD) is the Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He also serves as Preaching Pastor at Kosmosdale Baptist Church. Mitch has written several articles […]

  • How to Watch "Peter Pan & Wendy" (As A Christian)
    on May 24, 2023 at 9:09 pm

    Peter Pan has been in the public consciousness for 100 years. There have been many adaptions over the generations, some better than others. How does Disney's latest live action remake stack up to the rest? We talk about whether the […]

  • Wayne Taylor: Continuing the Harvest - Calvary Chapel, Evangelism & Church Planting
    on May 24, 2023 at 8:59 am

    Wayne Taylor is the founding pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, Washington. As part of the first generation of Calvary Chapel pastors, Wayne has been in pastoral ministry for over 40 years, during which time he was involved in […]

  • Fiction pointing to Christ
    on May 23, 2023 at 12:53 pm

    Today I talk with Elijah Buchan, author of some amazing fiction that he has used very well to point readers toward the Lord. Elijah's "Kingdom" series is set in a fantastic realm on another world, and reminds me of a blend of some of […]

  • Is It Possible To Be Too Vulnerable In The Pulpit? - Josh White
    on May 23, 2023 at 7:15 am

    Josh White, pastor of Door of Hope church in Portland, Oregon, speaks with Mike about the necessity of being honest with ourselves and honest about ourselves as we preach the gospel. They speak about the importance of confession, […]

  • Donaldina Cameron, Part 2
    on May 23, 2023 at 7:00 am

    At 920 Sacramento Street in San Francisco stands the Donaldina Mackenzie Cameron Mission House. For forty years this establishment was run by the courageous, compassionate, and captivating Donaldina Cameron. In her time at the home, […]

  • Revelation 17:1-7 The Woman who Rides the Beast
    on May 22, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    In this episode: Babylon the great, The woman, the beast, Rome, reformation, ecumenism, antichrist, Euphrates, Nimrod, harlot, fall of Babylon, abominations, golden cup, name on her forehead, blood of the saints. Become a supporter […]

  • Battling Intrusive Thoughts (Aaron & Brian) - Strategies for the Christian to resist and overcome thoughts of doubt, discouragement, & fear and re-center on Christ.
    on May 22, 2023 at 11:18 am

    Struggling with Intrusive Thoughts and Doubts? You're not alone. Most Christians experience doubt from time to time, but for some the struggle with intrusive thoughts that breed uncertainty can become all-consuming. In this episode, […]

  • Church Planting in Mexico - Mike Vincent & Bruce Zachary
    on May 22, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Welcome to the Cultivate Church planting podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly and today we will be talking about Church planting in Mexico. I’m joined today by Mike Vincent who is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Rosarito, a church that […]

  • Episode 95: Sports Spectrum's Jason Romano on Keeping Sports Fandom in Perspective as Believers
    on May 22, 2023 at 5:45 am

    Sports fans are passionate people. Sometimes, we take it a little too far and let our emotions get the best of us. Our team loses a big game or doesn't play well and we can let it affect our mood for days, weeks or even much longer. […]

  • Brittany Brown - Women In Church Planting
    on May 19, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    On this episode of Temporary Tenants we have Brittany Brown. Brittany and her husband Joshua are church planting in North Carolina. We discuss church planting, women's ministry, and the essential role women have in church and church […]

  • 140- Pastors Ask About Pastoral Transitions (with Jimmy Morales)
    on May 18, 2023 at 2:16 pm

    This subject is coming up more and more every day. We at Poimen Ministries are finding ourselves in conversations every week with pastors who are looking to the future, and wondering what they should do now with regard to their own […]

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The slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” was developed during World War II during the Nazi terror (Blitz) attacks on London, when Germany was radicalized…

The Gospel for the Church After Orlando

“I don’t know how, but by the glory of God, he shoots at my head but hits my hand.” --Angel Colon, survivor of the Orlando…
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THE BOOK A few months ago, I decided to reread Spurgeon's classic work, The Soul Winner. Like most people, my view is that anything Spurgeon…

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Critical Elements of Biblical Preaching Part 3

Recently I wrote a short piece describing what I believe is an important part of being a good expository preacher or teacher - the ability…
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To Where Are You Called: CCBC Paris Kickoff

Calvary Chapel Bible College has opened a new extension campus in Paris, France. President, Mike Dente, and Director, Stevie Ekkelkamp, share the history, vision, mission…
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URGENT: Calvary Chapel missionaries need help after missile strikes knock out power in Ukraine!

Gossip & The Gospel

I recently talked with a good friend and the conversation turned to (among many things) the topic of gossip. It went something like this: Person…

Lessons I Learned from Marilyn’s Cancer

“And behold there was a loud voice saying ‘Come out to meet your bridegroom.'” On June 16 that was one of the verses in her…

Are We Reluctant Obeyers?

Often, everyday life reminds us of great truths. Last summer, when I was in Washington, I was driving my dad’s pickup truck with a 35-foot…
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Lilias Trotter (1853-1928): Today we will look at the life of Lilias Trotter, a lovely Victorian woman who gave up her life of privilege and…
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Harriet Tubman: Women Worth Knowing

Harriet Tubman (1820?-1913): Known as the “Moses” of her people, Harriet Tubman was the most famous and most influential “conductor” on the Underground Railroad in…
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