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Well everyone, as you know the season of Easter is upon us!

My colleagues and I over at Calvary Global Network were, talking about ways we could serve the pastors in our network during this busy time, and we had a thought: there is so much pressure on preachers to come up with an Easter sermon every year that is both fresh and also impactful / evangelistic. Combine that with the busyness of Easter and it can create quite a challenging season for leaders.

With that in mind I sat down to have a conversation with Mike Neglia and Nick Cady, two pastors in our church family, and some of the leaders of The Expositors Collective, a fantastic ministry/movement all about helping preachers do their absolute best with their calling and craft.

We had a great discussion about Easter, and we’ve decided to release is as several small video clips for you to check out. We hope this helps you as you lean into the Easter season and seek after Jesus for what He has for your Church this year!

1.How do you approach your easter sermons?

2. How do you keep Easter fresh?

Mike and Nick also discuss their differences on the topic of lent in this one!

3. What are some unique ways to approach Good Friday?

4. What gets you excited about Easter?

5. What’s the worst Easter sermon you’ve ever preached?

Editor’s note: Nick Cady has a story in this one that simply can’t be missed… haha.

6. How do you help kids appreciate Easter?

Great question, especially for pastors with children.

7. How do you help your church staff enjoy easter when they are so busy planning it?

Mike Neglia is the lead pastor at Calvary Cork, having moved to Ireland from Fallbrook, California, in 2003. In addition to pursuing a master’s degree at Western Seminary, Mike serves on the Calvary Global Network Executive Team and hosts the Expositors Collective podcast.

Nick Cady is the lead pastor of White Fields Community Church in Longmont, Colorado. Within CGN, Nick is lead for the Cultivate Initiative, a member of the Expositors Collective team, host of the CGN Mission & Methods podcast, and member of the Executive Team.

Aaron Salvato is the host and co-founder of "The GoodLion Podcast." He is also founder of the GoodLion School of Discipleship where he serves along with his wife, Brooklynn. Aaron's previous pastoral and leadership roles involve youth pastor and Bible College teacher. He is currently pursuing a degree at Western Seminary.