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CC Jinja Relief, Pondering the U.S. Presidential Election, Restoration with Lecrae & More

By October 23, 2020Culture3 min read

“Pondering The Implications of the 2020 Election” Desiring God
Actually, this is a long-overdue article attempting to explain why I remain baffled that so many Christians consider the sins of unrepentant sexual immorality (porneia), unrepentant boastfulness (alazoneia), unrepentant vulgarity (aischrologia), unrepentant factiousness (dichostasiai), and the like, to be only toxic for our nation, while policies that endorse baby-killing, sex-switching, freedom-limiting, and socialistic overreach are viewed as deadly. The reason I put those Greek words in parentheses is to give a graphic reminder that these are sins mentioned in the New Testament. To be more specific, they are sins that destroy people. They are not just deadly. They are deadly forever. They lead to eternal destruction (2 Thessalonians 1:9). They destroy persons (Acts 12:20–23). And through persons, they destroy nations (Jeremiah 48:29–31, 42).”

“Calvary Chapel Jinja, Uganda, Relief Update”Calvary Global Network
“Calvary Chapel Jinja would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous contribution towards COVID-19 relief to Calvary Chapel Jinja and the church members. Your donation was very helpful and timely to the church members and the community. It helped the continuity of our commitment to serving the community and church members. This would have not been accomplished without your act of generosity in support through the church.”

“Restoration with Lecrae”Pass the Mic
“Two-time GRAMMY winning hip-hop artist and bestselling author Lecrae joins the podcast today to talk about his very busy 2020. He released his album Restoration earlier this year and also recently released his second book I Am Restored just last week, a story of chaos and hope.”

“Then and Back Again: How 1968 Looks like 2020”The Gospel Coalition
“The similarities between 1968 and 2020 are so obvious that nearly every major news outlet, from The Washington Post to The Atlantic to The Japan Times, has made the comparison. It’s hard to tell which year is worse. Today’s novel coronavirus has killed more than 200,000 Americans, and it seems the social isolation and economic recession are pushing up suicide rates.”

“Fighting the Pandemic with Our Hearts and Our Smarts” Christianity Today
“A development economist and a disaster-relief expert show how to approach COVID-19 as ‘Shrewd Samaritans.'”

“Elisabeth Elliot Part 2”Gracious Words
“There was no way we could cover Elisabeth Elliot in one episode, so we are back for more! Join us and our friend Kathy Gilbert as we continue our conversation about the exceptional, exemplary Elisabeth Elliot!”

“Is Critical Race Theory compatible with Christianity? Neil Shenvi & Rasool Berry”Unbelievable?
“‘Critical Race Theory’ is a way of understanding racism through the dynamics of oppressed and oppressor groups. Neil Shenvi believes its worldview is at odds with the Gospel and is concerned at its embrace in evangelical circles.”

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